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The PINS have arrived!

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Thanks to everyone who bought a pin yesterday. We're on our way to our goal of selling enough pins to pay for production. If enough pins sell to make this offering a success, I am considering the idea of continuing with a second pin commemorating the 30th Anniversary of "Boats Against The Current" coming in August! Wow! "Weekend At Bernie's," Eric's birthday, AND the 30th Anniversary of the greatest album ever made! This calls for a celebration! Um…er…that is, if anyone out there feels like having ANOTHER party! spin


PS: Buy a pin! hypno

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Raspbernie said:

...30th Anniversary of "Boats Against The Current" ...the greatest album ever made!

I'll say AMEN to that, Bernie...by far my favorite of all of EC's great albums. I'll buy anything you come up with commemorating Boats (pins, EC autographed CD's, etc.)

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Tim and Laura...just having a little fun. I live in central Kentucky which is mostly farmland (it's not all mountains, hillbillies and inbreeding in KY...except for Eastern KY which is all mountains, hillbillies and inbreeding!). We use the "dairy air" thing here. My Sister-In-Law went to Wisconsin last year for some Civil Service training. She came back talking about how beautiful it is up there. She said it's a lot like our area but less humidity in the Summer and much harsher Winters. She also brought back cheese... I don't remember where in Wisconsin she went (I don't always listen when my SIL talks).

We have a couple of Packer fans at work (one is actually from Wisconsin) that we give a hard time. I know it's sophmoric, but I enjoy all the border states / sports rivalry slamming. Like:

What keeps KY from sliding into Tennessee? Indiana sucks!

What do you call a pretty girl in ______? a tourist

Why do they have artifical turf on the University of ____'s football field? so the cheerleaders won't graze at halftime.

Why is Indiana wanting to build another bridge to KY? so the Hoosiers can swim over in the shade


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What's the best thing comin' outta 'Bama? : I-20

How do we know the toothbrush was invented in Alabama?

---- Anywhere else woulda called it --- 'teethbrush'!!

I can tell all these jokes since my dad's from

Alabama. Now don't tell anybody that my grand dad

and George Wallace's grand dad was buried in the same cemetary. SSHHHHHHHH!

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I just received my pin today and it's a beaut !!!

Glad you like the pin, Diane! For anyone who bought either of the books, it should come as no big surprise that "quality" is my middle name. So if I'm gonna make pins, I'm gonna make 'em the best pins you can manufacture!



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pauliemississippi said:

By the way, I still think that logo you did for the 10th anniversary of the website would make a great pin too!

I agree Paulie. That's a great logo whoever (Bernie? Kathy?) designed it.

What about on a tee shirt? Could be used as a fundraiser and to promote the site....I'd buy one.

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...... and I posted on the Raspberries forum that they need more sizes for the T-shirts besides just large ,,,,, I'm not the wisp of a fella I used to be.

MUZZA: Actually one pastor mentioned it (outta the blue) and everybody else rants --- including me.

Once I sent a friend up in Maryland 2 checks for funds that he really needed. I think I sent one on Tuesday and one on Friday when I got paid.

Guess which one arrives 1st?? Yep, the 2nd one

and then a few days later the 1st one. AHHHH!!!

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