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NY Tickets arrived

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I just got my tickets to the New York show in the mail today. Printed on the ticket, it says "dinner available/doors open at 6pm".

What's the latest on the dinner option, will there be "pass the line" privledges. Or can you enter the building at 6 PM, not have dinner and camp out in front of the stage?

This sounds like something Marvin can get to the bottom of...right, pal?

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Glad that you got your tickets Harry and thanks for the vote of confidence! Unless things change, there is no 'pass the line' option available. It's 'first-come, first-serve' at BBK's but as was mentioned previously, Jeff H is going to be visiting the club to see if he can 'persuade' them to change their policy.


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I got my tickets on-line and printed them off. Mine say GA and list a section and seat number. ?? Not sure when we should arrive, so we are not sitting way in the back. I would like to get a few pictures (I have a Nikon and will use high speed film so won't need a flash)

Any suggestions about arrival time would be greatly appreciated. Help with driving directions too..since we have not been to NYC in many years.


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Got my tickets too.

Very exciting to see those printed words that confirm I'll see Raspberries live in this lifetime. For those of us who weren't lucky enough to be there in Cleveland or Chicago, these summer dates are like a new lease on life.

God, I'm a Raspberries nerd...

...and proud of it! See you on line on the 23rd, folks!


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