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Macca Halftime Insta-Blog

Keith Nivan

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Drive My Car: Great song and a surprising choice; I was expecting a bunch of Cadillacs to roll roll onto the stage.

Get Back: Nah ... I'd have stuck with the pop, rather than the blues. Maybe "1985" or "Let Me Rool It" instead? (ed.: nobody knows those songs "K")

Live and Let Die: Gotta have those fireowrks at halftime. Good rabble-rouser.

Hey Jude: Knew it was coming -- and very well-done; big cheer in the living room when he hit the last "better" note; he OWNS that note! Cool putting the 1st half highlights on the stage, and the "nah, nah" signs in the crowd were cool.

Back to football. I've got the Pats, I'm givin' the points ... no problem...


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Paul rocked that stadium! Still has it! Luved the setup, just like being at a concert on his last tour, same band!

If you want to see lots of photos of the halftime show and also press conference, go to Yahoo News and type in "Paul McCartney", and click through all the pages.

Enjoy! All The Best! smilieeek

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