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Roadie #3

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hof63 - cancel that...I got the pic to come up this time. Thanks!

OK, that explains the tailpiece on Eric's guitar. His and the one in the pic also have the toaster pickups, a vintage model. Learned something new.

Mine is an '88. Of course, I bought mine used, but the Gruhn guide called it a 350. I crossed it with the serial number. Mine doesn't have the indents, either.

Thanks for that info.


(raspberrus guitarus aficionadus)

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Eric recently corrected me at rehearsal about his gear and yes, I did make a mistake. He has one (1) Rickenbacker and two (2) Fender Stratocasters. Of these, one is an Eric Clapton signature series. But, I believe you will see him to continue to play the Variax Line 6 guitars as they are quite versatile providing the sound he is looking for. Since I spend most of my time working with Wally's guitars you will have to cut me some slack for the mistake.

Now you are up to date.

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Hi Ernie,

Inquiring minds have been wondering about Wally's jakcet. Since you spend most of your time working with his guitars, maybe you know how his jacket came to have a raspberry colored lining?! Custom made? Any info.? Ya know, every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man!

Thanks for your help, Julie R. happy

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There are basically two versions of the Gibson Flying V....the original was made in 1958 and there was an updated version made in 1967.

What Wally plays is the "'67" version....but read on......

But.....keep in mind that Gibson just didn't make those guitars in those years......in fact they are currently making both the "'58" and "'67" versions today.

The guitar had to at least be made in '72 or earlier, based on pictures showing Wally playing it at 'berries gigs. So '69 may not be too far off the mark.

The majority of the '58 models were made with Korina wood, and stained. The most popular color for the '67 is black, although red and white are somewhat common. Jimi Hendrix occasionally used a '67 V similar to Wally's but of course it was a left-handed version.

Additionally, Gibson also makes this series called the "Goth" series.....with all black, including the pickguards, and the "XII" on the 12th fret in Roman Numerals. The Goth Flying V is based on the '58 model, not the '67.

There are also budget versions authorized by Gibson, and made in Korea under the Epiphone brand.

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The actual date of manufacturer of Wally's Flying V is still being researched. Although we have the serial number off the Flying V and I have contacted Gibson they have not been able to nail the year down. However, they have indicated that they beleive that it was manufactured in 1967. Hopefully, I will have the information from Gibson soon.

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Because of Wally's influence on me, I went and bought a "V" in 1974. According to the store I bought it at, it was a new model. It had a light brown finish, but it wasn't korina wood. The guitar just "screamed". Unfortunately, keeping it in tune was not an easy thing and I traded it off. Shortly after, I found another one that the store said had just been released, but it was black. It was perfect! Looked great, sounded great, AND stayed in tune! Got rid of it in the early 80's, as I had pretty much gave up the rock scene around here. Got hired by a country band & the first thing they said was, "uhh ... you need to get a REAL guitar to be in our band".

So ....... I traded it off. One of the many dumb things I've done on this planet. Damn, I miss that guitar!

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Roadie #3, page 1: Dave just picked up the Rick about a month ago. He loves the Fender, but played a Rick with the original band and wanted to get one as he liked the way they play and sound. The big question? How did you like the BLUE body?

Roadie #3, I LOVE the BLUE body! It looks great and sounds great -- just like Dave smile And, if I recall correctly, blue is his favorite color.

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