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Raspberries Greatest

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During my usual wander around HMV, I saw a NEW Raspberries CD. It’s called ‘Raspberries Greatest’ (I’ve not seen this version before). It has a white cover and a beige coloured Raspberry in the middle with their photos on it. The track listing is:

1) Go All The Way

2) Come Around and See Me

3) Don’t Wanna Say Goodbye

4) I Saw The Light

5) I Can Remember

6) I Wanna Be With You

7) Drivin’ Around

8) Let’s Pretend

9) I Reach For The Light

10) Nobody Knows

11) If You Change Your Mind

12) Tonight

13) I’m A Rocker

14) Ecstasy

15) Last Dance

16) I Don’t Know What I Want

17) Cruisin’ Music

18) Starting Over

19) Party’s Over

20) Overnight Sensation (Hit Record)

It’s a Capital Records compilation 2005. I know we often mention a ‘Greatest/Best Of’ collection, but this one was a surprise! It was made even better by the fact that all the individual Raspberries CDs that are now available had their own section, so they were taking up a lot of well deserved space! happy

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The new issue of Blender magazine (Coldplay is on the cover) included it in thier review section this month. They gave it 4 stars, and said "Let's Pretend' is a wistful pop ballad nearly in league with the Beach Boys 'Wouldn't it be nice". Also, "...the guitar break in 'Ecstacy' reads like a mini love letter to The Who"


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But of course, no "Play On," as I've written has been in the case on EVERY best-of package. A little ridiculous already? Every package has practically the same songs---there was actually one featuring "Rose Coloured Glasses" and no "Play On." Why Scott used the British spelling, I've always wondered. Even Eric said that "Play On" is his favorite of all the ones he & Scott wrote together. I understand the very first collection, Raspberries Best (featuring Eric Carmen)---Capitol was obviously pushing Eric's first solo album, and EVERY song on the collection was written by EC alone---no collaborations. Pretty pathetic.

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A friend purchased the power pop cd's for me, along with it came a "the very best of the raspberries cd it contains:

1) Don't wanna say goodbye

2) Go all the way

3)Lets Pretend

4)I wanna be with you

5)Drivin around


7) On the beach

8) Money down

9)I'm a rocker

10) Overnight sensation

11) Cruisin music

12)I don't know what i want

13) Party's Over

14) Ecstacy

15) Starting over

16) I reach for the light

17) All through the night

18) Should i wait

19) Rose coloured glasses

20) Waiting

Released by Cherry Red Records. Cover also beighe with a raspberry in the middle

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On "Raspberries Best Featuring Eric Carmen," all the songs were not written by Eric alone. "Don't Want To Say Goodbye" was written by Eric and Wally, and "Drivin' Around" was written by Eric and Dave.

To make matters worse, on "Power Pop Volume Two" on Cherry Red Records, "Hard To Get Over A Heartbreak" is listed as written by Eric Carmen, when it was written by Dave Smalley alone.

I agree that Capitol was taking advantage of Eric's solo album success on Arista and I cringed at the "Featuring Eric Carmen" emphasis on that 1976 album because I feared the other guys might be considered just backup personnel for Eric and their talents might be overlooked as a result.

Eric is a brilliant, talented individual, but Raspberries were a band, like The Beatles, whose entire lineup(s) were greater than any individual's contribution to the band --- I admire each of the guys. The unique songwriting, lead vocal skills and instrumental talents of each of the guys made them special in every way. I totally agree about "Play On," too --- a song ignored to death by Capitol for some reason.

Check out Capitol's website at http://www.hollywoodandvine.com and go to the Raspberries "artist" page they've finally added to the site to promote "Greatest" --- except for info on how to buy "Greatest," they have no info on the band (not even a bio), no tour info and no website links. I've written to complain about that sad situation (as have others) and Capitol has not responded --- an irritating record label to say the least.


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It's always good to read your comments. Don't be a stranger, come around more often.

I certainly hope the Berries don't sign on with Capitol this time around (There was some rumor to that effect last Nov). I trust they learned a valuable lesson from that awful experience. Too bad you don't own a record label. They would be sure to get a first class effort.

I sense they are ALL on the same page this time around and will wait for the best deal. They surely deserve it.

See ya in NYC?


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I finally listened to the Raspberries "Greatest" which clocks in at 78:55. I bought the CD at Barnes & Noble in Midland, Michigan Thursday morning. The song "Party's Over" is the edited version as Wally says "But I ain't gonna quit" instead of "But I don't give a s--t" & that also is edited out near the end of the song. The song "Overnight Sensation (Hit Record)" DOES have the "Go All The Way" ending as Eric singin' "Mama yeah, woo" which ends the CD. Matt

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Thanks for the welcome and the comments. I'll bet Raspberries won't have a problem finding a label when they're ready to do so --- I doubt anyone knows more about what to look for in a deal than they do.

I really admire Eric, Wally, Dave and Jim for surprising us all with a reunion and for rising above past differences. Now their children and grandchildren, and loves ones, can see the band they may have only heard of.

I had tickets to Chicago, but had a last minute problem to deal with so I missed that one. I do have tickets to Cleveland in July, although I have to hedge my plans a bit since my cardiologist wants to talk to me about some "minor" surgery in late June (I'm not real keen on having a defibrillator implanted in my chest, so I have a decision to make at that time) --- but my plan remains to take my 22-year-old son to see the band, God willing.

The reunion is a wonderful thing: the guys getting along; the fans getting along --- very cool!

On another note: if anyone hasn't heard it, Dave Smalley's "Internal Monologue" contains a really great tribute to his father's passing and to men who have served their country's armed forces (as Dave did in Vietnam) called "A Warrior At Rest" --- that song is so "right now" in a time of war that I hope everyone gives it a listen.

Don smile

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Don't be too upset about the 'defibrillator' issue. My dad has had one for 10 years and he's still going strong at 91. If it wasn't necessary I am sure the Dr. wouldn't have suggested it.

I haven't heard Dave's "A Warrior At Rest" but I will be sure to check it out.

If you don't feel up for Cleveland - I have an extra ticket for Sunday at BBK's. Tuck that away.


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I appreciate the comments on the defibrillator --- good to know. I'm 48 and otherwise in good shape, so, while nervous, I'm not sweating it too much.

The other offer is appreciated, too, but I'm still hoping my Cleveland plans work out --- my son wants to see the Rock Hall while we're there.

Dave's song is perfect for Memorial Day --- kind of hoping some deejays and station managers catch on to it one of these days.

Don smile

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i just bought RASPBERRIES GREATEST from I-tunes...this is the first time i've ever heard these songs in crystal clear digital...in fact the last time i heard the first song i listened to..."LET'S PRETEND" was on a tinny AM RADIO...i've waited too long to get back into the RASPBERRIES...but i'm making up for lost time!

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On Friday, I was just about to throw out a magazine from my drawer at work called Girl About Town as it was dated 23 May. I decided to have a very quick flick through as I knew I hadn’t read it yet…

That’s when I came across the section SPIN about “latest album releases†and a review about Raspberries Greatest ! Beside a picture of the CD cover, it says:

“Apparently, there was a theory/rumour in the early 70s that the mysterious band known as The Raspberries were actually The Beatles in disguise. This must have given Eric Carmen (later to release FM-friendly chart eternals Never Gonna Fall in Love Again, All By Myself and Hungry Eyes) no end of ego-pampering. You can see why the theory persisted slightly on Go All The Way, with its ‘Come on’ refrain which sounds like Beatles circa ’64, but the oomph of the song has more in common with Bad Company and/or Free. Come Around and See Me does, it must be admitted, feature bass lines that Macca could have pulled out of the bag, while the horns on I Reached For The Light are straight out of Penny Lane – but that’s where the similarities end. Still, this 20-track compilation arrives full of highly polished, immaculately-produced melodic pop, celebrating a forgotten, underrated band. If only it came in a raspberry scratch’n’sniff cover like the debut".


Don ~ I wish you well. smile

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Nice review. In fact, there have been more FAVORABLE reviews in the last few months than I can count. I only wish Capitol had a BOX SET in the works. I'm sure the attention the band is getting with favorable critiques and reunion press would help such a project fly off the shelves right now!



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I'm thinking of compiling a bunch of these reviews and mailing them to the guy at the top. That might make him pull his head out of the clouds and see who's making headlines these days!

Julia, what a great review! You weren't MEANT to throw that magazine out before reading it! No kidding, it's not just one, two, five or even more, it's EVERYBODY waking up like Rip Van Winkle. And it's everywhere. Comparisons to Macca! All good stuff. Thanks again. I don't think that boxed set is too much of a long shot.

smile --D

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