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PreShow Reception Emails


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Just a note to some of you who may received some "confusing" HOB email today.

Some of the order form & info emails I sent weeks ago were stuck in a spam filter on our end and have now been released. If you ordered, and I sent confirmation, please disregard the old email that came to you today.

I'm looking forward to meeting you all! Travel safe! Find me at lmiller@hob.com if I can be of assistance - L.

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I hadn't received my confirmation for the reception after I had faxed it on October 29th.

I sent a fax asking about it on the same day that I received the "lost" e-mails mentioned above. That e-mail was sent on the 4th but I didn't receive it until the 10th. Laura called that day to say she had the confirmation but when she e-mailed me (at the same address that I had received her earlier e-mails) she said my address came back as not a valid address. I don't know what happened..it may be something in her system because I've received other e-mails. Those who have been waiting quite awhile may want to call just in case their mail isn't getting through for some reason. She did say she was very busy trying to get the stuff out..

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