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who would be a good producer for a new Eric´s album?

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It may sound a little far-fetched but I think Lionel Richie would be great. He helped bring back Kenny Rogers to his star status. Also, Lionel has been pretty much out of the limelight for a while and I think that he could help bring back EC into the limelight as well as himself. There are only two artists that right the perfect ballads and they are Lionel and EC.

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Desmond Child was at the explosive, spectacular Sunday show at BB Kings almost a year ago...he, Mr and Mrs. bongiovi, and Tico torres. I think the boys would drum up enough interest with new material from a bonafide powerhouse producer.

Eric mentioned in another thread that Mark Hudson sang back up for him ( or one of the Hudsons!) so there's an automatic in.....

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I like Jon Brion A LOT! (Thanks Pierson). Mark Hudson is a terrific producer, although he and I could be dangerous in the same studio together. Desmond is great but he's WAY too controlling. He's done incredible work for BonJovi, though. I don't know a whole lot about George Martin's son,Giles, but if you Google him, you'll find out he and George worked together to do the new music for the Beatles-Cirque de Soliel show. I've read the reviews and it sounds very interesting. Lots of research to do! ec

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Hey Kirk. I'm with you on this. I said to Kiwi, "I reckon the great EC is doing a new albumn". She said, "nah", its for the Raspberries CD". I said I dont think so.

So here's watching. Maybe it will include LIVE stuff from the concert at Severance Hall - when ever that will be!! wink


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I like Jon Brion A LOT! (Thanks Pierson). ec

FYI: Eric Carmen & Jon Brion sat at the same table at Tommy Allen's wedding back in the early '90s...

also, in all the vast blather of producers, engineers, musicians etc... I CAN NOT think of anyone more attuned and understanding of what GREAT pop can be than Jon Brion... he is by far the most adept, inspired, and aesthetically sound (KEY!) musician/producer going in the 21st century...

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