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who would be a good producer for a new Eric´s album?

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George Martin is done producing, due to what he claims is the onset of age-related hearing problems. (*I'd* still have him, just for the info that must be in his brain!) In fact, I keep reading that his health is declining rapidly and he won't be with us much longer. Sadly.

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Lots of good names here....but I would have to agree with Poor 4 Life.....Don Was would be my first choice, too.....

Bob Ezrin is up there on my list, too....equally good with both rockers and ballads, as he has done the two extremes with Alice Cooper.

I would NOT pick David Foster. As much as I like his production style, there would be too damn many ballads and not enough rockers.

Is Geoff Emerick still around?(Barb, perhaps you may know this).

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Jon Brion has produced Aimee Mann, Fiona Apple, Rufus Wainwright and done several movie scores. He's a phenomenally talented producer, arranger, and musician. He is also the house band at Club Largo in Los Angeles on Friday nights. Check him out.

Geoff Emerick is still active but has primarily gone back to engineering rather than producing.

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Badfinger Barb is TOTALLY on the money.... NOT ONLY is JON BRION the closest thing to a definitive choice, he also knows the concept of pop as art (not commerce)...

At this point in the game, Eric does not need to make a record that can sell (a virtual impossibility considering everything) vs. making a record that can prove him as a valid pop artist...

Jon Brion's own music always took from the greatest elements of artists like Eric, Todd Rundgren, Brian Wilson, Beatles...

His work as a producer in the '90s (especially Aimee Mann's "I'm With Stupid" LP) show one of the era's most obsessively brilliant masters of pop...

If you're in LA on a Friday night make sure to catch his weekly gig at Largo-- one of the greatest live pop experiences on earth...

I would LOVE to see what Eric would think of Jon's live reworkings of Brian Wilson's "God Only Knows" and "I Just Wasn't Made For These Times."

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Not that he produces much anymore these days, but he's got a great track record, gets great sound, and has some history (some good, some not so good) with Raspberries.

So given my druthers...

How cool would it be to have a Raspberries CD that reads:


Jon Brion, Mark Hudson, Jeff Lynne: also all great choices.

Hell, I'd buy a new Raspberries album produced by P Diddy just because it was A NEW RASPBERRIES ALBUM!

How amazing is it to put those words together in a sentence and not sound ridiculous in 2005?


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I'll go along with Jon Brion or Mark Hudson, as both know how to work "vibe" very well. I think I'd give the edge to Brion as he is very clever in sculpting sound textures instrumentally. While I think theoretically that Rundgren would be a good pairing musically, I think that there are some other issues that would keep this from ever happening. And while I love Jeff Lynne's music, sometimes I think his productions for other artists leave too much of his sonic imprint (which I could also say for Rundgren). I'll also suggest Adam Schlesinger (Fountains Of Wayne) who happens to be producing the forthcoming new America disc.

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