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Beautiful "Paint Job" Bernie


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I LOVE IT-I LOVE IT- I LOVE IT! The "new coat of paint" is truly beautiful. You know me--anytime I have to think before I move the mouse I get apprehensive (I didn't have to THINK to move it before!) but it's absolutely gorgeous. I should be "automatic" by next week! Congratulations!

smile --Darlene

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By the way, I'm glad everyone has updated software. I was a little nervous about all of the Flash content. But that's what delivers all of the cool bells and whistles -- like the way the pictures on each page have that little movement across them, or the way the images bounce on the PICTURES page when you load 'em. I'm certainly planning to add more of that eye candy as I get more savvy with the encoding. Until then, thanks for all of the kind words :-)


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WOWSA, WOWSA ! What a fantastic transformation! I really like it! I wasn't sure what to expect, but I knew you'd do us proud. Although I was really fond of the previous website layout, I think the change is REALLY fab. It's like a magic treasure hunt ~ there are so many wonderful surprises! Thanks so much for all you do, Bernie. You're the bee's knees !


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Hi, Ted! ~ I bet it wasn't that many moons ago that your grandmother used to say that expression to you when you were a kid, as you are still a spring chicken! I've always been a bit of a one for weird and wonderful expressions. Most of the time people just look at me funny (nothing new there then!) which is fair dinkum.

Looking forward to meeting you and your daughter in NY ! happyhappy

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