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Before I read all the other reviews.....


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Congratulations Raspberries!!! And thank you for a spectacular reunion show! I still can't believe that I was just a few feet away from the band! The electricity in the air was thrilling as the curtains opened and they played a rousing version of "I Wanna Be With You". The guys looked relaxed and happy to be back on stage.Dave was terrific on the songs he wrote - sounded exactly like the actual recordings. The band sang two Beatles songs - Wally is an unbelievable John Lennon soundalike! Great job on those covers. Eric had the unenviable task of singing those tunes he created requiring incredible range, and he did a fine job, with a little help from his friends. Jim was steady as ever on the drums. Jennifer, Billy, and Paul played like they had been with the band forever.

Pleasant surprise of the night: One of my least favorite Raspberries songs - I'm a Rocker - turned out to be a gem! Eric was flawless on lead vocal, and the guys played the song better than the original.

Another surprise: Two choir songs. Interesting, but I can't say I enjoyed them as much as the others.

Really good job on vocals by Wally on Party's Over.

If they had more time, I would like to have heard: All Through the Night, Cruisin' Music, and On The Beach (they didn't play OTB, or did they?)

On the negative side:

1. The pre-show reception was nice, but crowded - making it harder than expected to find other ec.com people.

2. The Meet and Greet was poorly handled - 8 fans at a time with the band? I thought there would be 50 people - manageable. There must have been at least 200! However, I did get to shake Eric's hand and congratulate him and the band, and I did get some nice close-ups anyway.

Oh, I more positive: The sound system was the best I've ever heard at a concert. The volume level was perfect, and I could not hear any distortion.

All in all, a tremendous experience - I really hope the guys continue with a tour and maybe a CD with new material.


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