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When Will It Come????


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Illinois is so cold........if it ever gets to double digits on the temperature I am going to feel like a tropical heat wave has hit here!

Cartmill....If you were in a meat freezer with George W. Bush and had only enough time for one question or comment(because of the cold)....What would you say to our President?


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Speaking of cold...a great bonus to the limited edition copy would be a live version of "It's Cold Outside" from one of the other shows. At the first show they did two Choir songs back to back. They would be a great addition to the package. In fact, I was kind of disappointed they didn't play that song in LA and it won't be on the CD.

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Ah, the educator in Katherine speaks great wisdom!

She knows what she's talking about. Give the kiddies an interim task, then return them to guarding the mailbox in the Spring.

I'm familiar with Kath's productions and the grand things she did with her students--that's why she's such a *great* teacher. :-)

smile --Dar

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Ahh--the power of cheese, only surpassed by the power of Kath and the Raspberry sofa! I feel a trip to Sayreville coming on...

I've missed out on the board because work has been such a trip--let's just say that I'm probably qualified to sub for Susan Lucci in *any* soap opera! Necessity may be the mother of invention but spite sure cultivates endurance.

wink --Dar

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