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Marv, P L E A S E compile the Post-Reflections!

Everyone, WRITE THEM NOW!!! I can't wait to read all those precious reactions, now that Berries are out on the circuit! Do all those you have, then put out a third edition...I am on "Needles and Pins" waiting to read everyone's thoughts and feelings!!! Puh-leez!

smile --Love, Darlene

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Hey Marvin, This is my post reflections of the Chicago show. Before we came back on to do the encores, I told Eric that this was the greatest gig I have ever played in my career! He thanked me. The energy level from the audience from our perspective was unlike any audience I've ever experienced!! I always loved to play in Chicago over the years, but this night was very special! I'm very honored to be a small part of these guys legacy!!! Billy Sullivan Jan 16, 2005

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OK, I will get my revised Reflections in, Marvin!

For right now, with limited time, all I can say is that Chicago was FANTASTIC. I would not say it was the best of the three shows, but that is in part because nothing can quite take the place in my heart of that amazing first time and the fact that it was in my hometown and theirs, and that it was with the sisters who introduced me to the band.

Still, I am SO glad I decided to go. I regret only that I didn't get to meet Michele (Razzmichi) at any point, as she is my old pen pal from the Carmen Connection days and I really did want to meet her. However, I did get to meet Bernie and Ken face to face at last, even though I ended up having dinner at Gina's table (the kids' table? ;-)) at the HOB because of when I arrived there. Those people paid for my dinner and went up to wait in line so we could all get into the music hall sooner. God bless 'em and I owe you one. Gina and her light sticks, too! Too great!

The Chicago HOB is definitely bigger and has more of a sense of "balcony elegance" than the Cleveland one...but what can you do, the Cleveland HOB was built out of an old Woolworth's...oh well! The rather unpleasant part of this venue was the much more aggressive attitude of the security guys. Please, people, we don't bite! But the nice part for me was that after almost passing out at the second Cleveland show, I had a SEAT for this one at one of the tables with stools on the floor. Got to sit down for the whole show and order drinks whenever I wanted! What a way to go! I didn't miss so much being down in the mosh pit sweating away, especially with the company I had at various points through the evening.

KC and his wife Jane were there for awhile, but eventually gravitated into the mosh pit again. There was also a couple from Michigan who said they had literally found out about the concert the night before when the wife looked up what was happening on EC.com after not having paid attention for years! Talk about a coinkidink! This woman was a card-carrying member of the Raspberries Fan Club (1973-74)! Showed us her card and everything!

Unfortunately this couple too was eventually lost somewhere to the pit, and replaced, by about the time Larry showed up to spend the rest of the concert with me, by another couple. In this case the man was the devoted fan and the wife the bemused shrugger, and he lasted the whole show with Larry and me. However, at one point the couple began to argue--presumably about other things, but still it was kinda sounding like "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf" back there and I was afraid I was going to see someone's marriage bust up halfway through "I Can Remember." Pretty scary, wasn't it Larry?

Anyway, aside from that, it was just a blast. Larry played air guitar and piano, I played air piano (badly, as I've never taken a lesson, but who can tell)? and we both sang along to every golden tune (thank God the band was were loud enough that no one could hear me, anyway). The guys looked great, Eric was in the best voice he's probably been of all three shows, and every song was as incredible to hear as ever. Oh, did anyone else mention this--they came up with a little a cappella variation intro to "Makin' It Easy"--kind of interesting.

Chicago? They just ate it up with a great big spoon. The rowdies in the back kept yelling "GO ALL THE WAY!" between every song. I thought "Patience, grasshoppers..." So really, it was ideal for them to hold it back until the second encore song as they did, because it ensured they'd GET an encore (not that they actually had to worry about that anyway!). All I can say is that it was utterly gratifying not only to again lose any feelings I had of being a "lone wolf," as they say, but also to be able to see someone ELSE's city go nuts over the band I have always loved. Only wish I could have had more time to spend in Chicago, as I've never spent much more than a few hours there (only other times I was in town was changing trains or planes!). It looked so beautiful all lit up at night, with those glowing multicolored ball art pieces and all those shops on Michigan Avenue...and the sparkling river...and the COLD...well, guys, now you know, you just have to come back in summer and make me go there again!

Jeff, thanks for the hospitality suite! Everyone else, thanks for being so cool and terrific to hand with--you too, Paul! Too bad you all missed breakfast at Lou Mitchell's next morning, as I had to enjoy my free box of Milk Duds (every female gets one at the door), free donut hole (everybody gets those at the door), world's lightest scrambled eggs and most delicious pancakes, sausages and home fries alone...and the coffee, that helped...what a weekend! It was like a whirlwind and over all too soon.

Let the joyous news be spread: the Raspberries have conquered Chicago. Next, the world!

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I second that emotion, Kazumi! And Marvin...now that I've got my spiffy new computer I am going to spend a good chunk of tomorrow on my "Reflection" so that I can mail it to you...now that my setup for doing so is perfect. (I was having problems at home with even basic e-mail before getting this computer. It was NOT pretty.)

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D-Day has arrived. We're down to a few hours now, so I'm making it easy on you. Get it moving, no more delaying, or asking yourself, should I wait? It's time to work all through the night, 'cos I know you're goin' nowhere tonight. Tell yourself that you might as well give in and go all the way with this, 'cos you know if you change your mind, that'll be it. The party's over, and you'll be left all alone to cry.

This "post-Reflections" is already 30 pages larger than the "Reflections" that was given to the band in November. Many thanks to everyone for their wonderful contributions.


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