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From Scott McCarl re the first "Reflections" book:


Hi there Marvin! I should have written sooner but the HOB gig was coming up; I knew you'd be busy. I loved the booklet!I'm sure the other fellas did too, very moving...I mean, I've talked about this with the guys, we all went on our way, sure that we'd be forgotten down the line, that the music wouldn't matter any more, so what a thrill!

All the best, so long, Scott


Scott buddy, little do you know how much you haven't been forgotten.


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Yes, please, everyone--send in your story! I am DYING to know what everyone thought of that night!

There were so many people that I didn't get a chance to speak to everyone personally, and I'd love to have a permanent record of your Reflections AFTER the fact. My Raspberries Reflections were so easy to write, because I'd been waiting so very long for them, I just put my hopes and dreams about it into words. My Post Reflections came out just as easily. My heart just starting talking...Now, I can't wait to read YOURS! (And all the 'Berries'!)

smile --Darlene

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Marvin, They'll write, I'm sure of it. When it took 32 years to get the *band* together, it surely will take a bit of time for each guy to get down his Reflections on all of that. For the 'Berries, you may have to extend your deadline, but it will be well worth it. I think they must still be taking it all in, even now.

smile --D

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Hey Marvin, for those of us who never got to any of the shows, are you planning on posting the 'post reflections' articles once they are all completed or are you planning on giving it only to the 4 Raspberries? It would be an amazing piece of history. Perhaps you can ask Bernie to set aside a small piece of this site for your whole Reflections set of articles.

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