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Raspberries on Mike Douglas Show...


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Cool, I assumed it was gonna be a version I've seen before, but it wasn't!

Thanks for the link Brian. Has anyone heard The Bay City Rollers version of Lets Pretend? I have some BCR LPs somewhere, from when I was a kid, but can't find them..

I looked on YouTube for footage of them doing that song, but nothing..

I really wanna hear how their cover turned out.

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Noted TV critic Tom Shales discussed the life of Mike Douglas here:


and in doing so, somehow equated The Raspberries with the Electric Prunes:


Blogs looking back on the Douglas era yesterday recalled that even though he sang big-band crooner tunes, the guest list on his show over the years included such rock and pop groups as the Beach Boys, the Box Tops, the Cowsills and the Turtles -- and such lesser-known if not completely obscure acts as the Electric Prunes and the Raspberries. It was like East meeting West, and if the combination seemed incongruous, it was driven by a simple economic reality: All but the most rabidly antisocial groups wanted to sell records, and television was the Big Store.

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Good stuff! I hadn't seen that one. I love the notes by visitors to the web site. Four best comments:


4) 10/10 song ! Thanks for posting it! And Eric is playing that white Gibson that Joan Jett would later buy off him! There is a documentary from the 70s on how they recorded this song. Does anyone have it?

3) Eric Carmen is a god! I found a cassette of his first solo album last month and I can't stop playing "My Girl." Brilliant! - thanks for stirring!

2) This song is like some dream combination of Roy Orbison and The Who, conceived by God and channeled through 4 talented boys from Cleveland. Thanks for posting!

1) This song was on the radio the night I lost my virginity in the backseat of a Ford Maverick, not an easy task! Love this song!


(PS: Back seat of a Ford Maverick? Talk about a tight squeeze...)

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Hello, all! I am *way* overdue in posting here; I kinda lost this place for like 3 years, hee. But, I'm happy to be back now! I came here today with the intention of posting a different link to a Rapsberries performance of "Go All the Way" which is also on YouTube, and I spotted this thread, so I decided to add on here instead of making a new thread. I found this clip on YouTube recently, and I keep watching it because I get tickled at how Eric sings, "Go all the way..." he says it like, "Go all the wehhh!" and I just dissolve into giggles over it every time I watch the clip. I thought others might want to see it too, since it's so.. cute. psych


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