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Tell Eric Carmen The News (Again!!!)


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"Used To Feel So fucking Optimistic..."

-Eric Carmen"

I apologize to all of the EC.COM-ers for not being up here & continuing to scream & yell about the best newly reunited band amongst the pop landscape... Raspberries...

I think the whole Cleveleand/Thanksgiving experience was just so massively unbelievable (YET VERY REAL) that it's taken a bit of stepping back to let the whole thing become a part of my life story & REALLY be THAT incredible dream that came true.

BUT NOW they're coming to MY TURF!!!! ...so the sleeves are rolled up, the snow's gonna melt just that much faster & it's gonna be the coolest summer since the sumer of '72 when "Go All The Way" was the most splentastic thing on the radio... I swear....

And if takes all of us little freaks out hear to cram every little last cynical NYC rock scribe with the FACT that this is as important as, say, The Zombies' or Roy Wood's recent live returns (also after 30+ years!!) I promise not to stop ranting until Wally gets the 12-string packed and Eric brings the blessed vocal chords to 237 W. 42nd St!!!!!!

Even though I know that there will always be a lack of true respect & due props for the band & their place in the pantheon, I'm really hoping these two gigs will help re-establish and change some minds... This can happen & I'm really trying to be VERY FUCKING OPTIMISTIC!! damn it....

Let's go Eric, Dave, Wally & Jim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hey, Pierson, I don't believe "there will always be a lack of true respect..." at all! These two gigs will garner the respect the guys deserve! I don't think there are that many minds to "change," just some people that need to "wake up and smell the coffee!" Let's show 'em some East Coast "make-it-happen" stuff here! Glad you're back!

smile --Darlene

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Pierson, do you have any clout with Paul Shaffer? I can't help but believe he is/was a Berries fan. A Letterman gig would put this over the top.

I would think after all these years Eric would be able to contact Paul. Just a guess.

Oh! Welcome back. Where ya been?


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As far as the cognescenti and truly legit rock scribes go, the Raspberries still have a lot of ground to cover.... MOJO & Rolling Stone are slowly warming up... This is a good sign!

"Go All The Way" has not been on our area's commercial oldies' airwaves (regularly) for what seems like more than 10 years... It's up to the hip underground and true fans to spread the word and get the buzz happening big time...

NYC will be KEY to getting their place in the pantheon back. We here are the choir (no pun intended), elsewhere, the 'Berries need to reclaim their pace as the godfathers of power pop... A Lettermen appearance would be godhead...

besides that... I've been busy working (radio, real job, club DJ)..... and trying to get my magazine (Yeah Yeah Yeah) back off the ground for a summer issue.... big props to the Berries of course...

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