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promotion for their raspberry product using Raspberries commercial

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Believe me, I'm re-doing my book, again.

It's going to be super this time, huh Bernie and Marvin, Marvin is really going to help me on this one.

Everything keeps breaking down on me, I just don't get it.

It's puzzling.

I will try my best to keep coming on here, ok guys

I did miss you all.

I cancelled my internet due to financial difficulties, only for awhile.

I'm glad I'm back.

Bernie, I mailed you a nice letter today, ok

You will get it soon.

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Hey, Gord, so glad to hear you're back!!! When you're not here, things are not the same. I'm sure your things are "breaking down" only because they're old, not because they're yours...I hope that's stopped happening and you can stay back on the board.

I've been away myself for quite a little bit, due to playing constantly and school really popping with concerts in all my schools and two district orchestra concerts to conduct! Some nights, I've actually looked at the computer, and almost fallen asleep, so I turned the corner and chose the bedroom instead of the study. Sorry. I'll be back a bit more now, as things are starting to settle down.

Craig, I didn't see the commercial, but I LOVE what you describe! I remember hearing that Patrick Swayze had a lot of trouble saying that line without cracking up. He didn't want to say it at all! I happen to think that Ocean Spray should put out a Raspberry Drink with pizazz. Actually, my girlfriend's husband works there in Massachusetts, so I should put a bug in his ear about coming up with a new formulation...

Gord, I'll try to get your postal address (or post it to us) and drop you a line...Phil, thanks for the nice e-mail. I've missed you too! Congratulations on your daughter's musical performance! Bradley's *still* a GREAT school for music. It's great to be back! See you all in "chat."

smile --Darlene

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