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Yes Bernie, I was there. smile ( very close from the stage ) But I believe it was not Budokan. Eric played at Budokan in 1979 and 1982,but I think he didn't play "Tonight You Are Mine". I assume this video was recorded at Nakano Sunplaza Tokyo on February 10 1980 which was an additional show. ( other Tokyo shows were all sold out ) And the set list was following.

Marathon Man

Inside Story

Never Gonna Fall In Love Again

Overnight Sensation

Tonight You Are Mine

Boats Against The Current

It Hurts Too Much

She Did It

You Need Some Lovin'

All By Myself

Hey Deanie

That's Rock'n Roll

Twist And Shout

It was a great show and I still remember how excited I was.

Kazumi happyhappyhappy

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Forget *warm*, ladies, that's HOT! Now, *that* is a rockin' solo artist! WAHOOOOOOO! It's enough to make even the darling little model from the TYM cover jump out of her skin! It's very easy to see why Japanese fans went so wild over EC. He was (and still *is*) SMOKIN'! Thanks a million, Bernie for pulling another diamond out of your bag of tricks! I love it! Oh, and Marvin, *that's* connecting with an audience. I don't know ANYONE who can do it better, or to answer the musical question with a quote from Carly Simon, "NOBODY does it better..."

smile --Darlene

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Bernie--Great stuff, as always! I haven't been able to 'save' any of your recent offerings, though. Is that intentional? Tony hit his thumb with the hammer while building the tree house and can't operate the mouse for awhile. I was hoping to send the video to him. Oh, and do you still have the update section of the website? It seems like the only way to know if something new has arrived is if it is announced. Thanks for all you do--Kirk.

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