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Hangin' With The Raspberries

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I just finished watching HWTR (the tape my sister sent me) and it was so awesome. I loved every minute of the Raspberries segments (I fast fwd through all the non-Raspberries stuff)

The interview session was so great!! It was wonderful hearing the guys call us "their little army". It was so casual and honest. I loved the slower version of IWBWY, and of course, the grand finale of their performance of GATW. WOW!

THANKS Mare for taping it and then sending it to me.


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I just got my copy today and I thought it was done really well. I liked the interview and the smiles. That is one thing I wish they would do more of on stage, is smile, but I understand why they don't, working and all...

I enjoyed the slow version of IWBWY so much, and it reminded me just why I love these guys so much. They are just so darn talented!! Take one version of a song,put a new spin on it, and make the song "feel" totally different. What a delight! Thanks Guys and Thanks Ron!

June happy

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I'm finally back up and running with my cable, I can tape the show next week. Since I'm traveling (::: waving at EricH!!::: ), am not sure if I can do any more than 4-6 VHS copies...but will see if I can coerce someone into coming in and changing tapes so I can get more copies. If you still need a copy, send me a PM.


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Finally taped it and watched it. Really well done. "IWTBWY" slowed down sounded great. I like to watch the dynamic between Eric and Wally. Eric's buff and acting like one of the guys, not the leader. Wally's got a thousand comeback lines. I'd like to see a long solo interview with him. Dave looks about 40 yrs old. What's his secret? Jim should run for political office. He got that personality. I sound like Darlene...

The video of "GATW" at the end seemed to be missing something because Wally and Dave were not sharing in the background vocals. Has that changed in recent concerts, now that the guys are seasoned pro's again?

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Tony, from my perspective Dave's backing vocals at the shows are minimal.

Understand the guys are 55+ and the high notes are extremely difficult to reach. However they do a great job. Whatever Eric can't hit, Jen Lee picks up masterfully. It's uncanny how she helps maintain the original sound.

Know it will be somewhat different from the recordings but different in this case means better. I wish I could be at the LA show.


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I'm in the "wonderment and trancelike enjoyment" mode as respects the VHI-Classic taping. I'm completely engaged in anticipating Raspberries' "good vibrations" in Atlantic City and other upcoming shows, and don't think it's necessary to "analyze" their performances.

Having heard Raspberries a lot in "the old days," I used to analyze the music and still do, but I never analyze their performances. I'm still having *way* too much fun being able to hear and see them again live to do much of anything else, but when I *do* start analyzing again, it will be the music, not why they do what they do. They've always had the winning formula, and they have it down better than ever. That's how they've kept their "uniqueness." *They* know what to do, and I've never questioned it, and never will.

Who cares "why" or "how" it happens? As long as it *does* happen, and keeps happening and evolving so deliciously, Long Live Raspberries!!!

smile --Darlene

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for those of us that like to "analyze"...

the answer to your question tony is no, the background vocals on "gatw" have not been minimized. to the contrary, when you see the band in concert you'll probably be amazed at how "full" the songs sound.

jims drums seem like much more of presence than on any of the cds.

likewise, wallys guitar in "i can remember" has more of a GATW feel than the understated guitar on the cd...

the vocals overall sound amazing.

the 'berries are a great "live" band

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