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Hangin' With The Raspberries

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Does anyone know exactly when Hangin' With The Raspberries will be on again? My sister was supposed to tape it for me and forgot to put the tape in. Her heart was in the right place, but... smirk

I got this from another message board:

The segment will also be shown the week of 8/22 at the following times:

Monday- 6am & 6 pm, Wednesday - 9am & 9pm, Thursday - 10am & 10 pm, Friday - 3pm & 3 am, Saturday - 9 am & 9pm

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No attack on anyone else meant, either.

This is just an outgrowth of my "life's too short" philosophy. Part of that philosophy is "Sometimes life is too short to wait for perfection."

If I were the kind to insist on perfection before I did something, I would have insisted on losing about 100 pounds before even allowing myself to be photographed with my favorite rock band of all time. And as a result, to this day I would not have a picture of myself with them. But I didn't wait...and now I have a picture of the Raspberries hanging with a fat chick. But I don't care, because the fat chick is ME. :-)

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I finally got to see Hangin' With Raspberries. The interviews were GREAT! It was such a thrill to see the guys enjoying it all as much as their obviously proud host. It was also great to see Joan Jett playing Eric's old guitar.

Kathy said IWBWY would be different, but I was not at all prepared for this version. It is *exquisite!* I couldn't breathe. It made me cry. What a shock! The *first* time I heard it, when they came to the altered chord in the bridge, for a microsecond, my mind said a soft "no," but immediately after that, it screamed "yes! YES! YESSS!" I went home and played both versions on the piano, and I just can't get the new one out of my head. Going to what I called the implied IV chord (but on subsequent hearings, having been able to hear the brilliant intricacies of the piano part, realized it's really a IV-9) earlier at the end (on the word "baby") just rends one's heart. The arrangement is *luscious* in all of its aspects--all of the accompaniment changes are so perfect, the fills between the chords are played so "lovingly" by all...I've never heard a more resonant, round, beautiful piano timbre. It just rings. The song just knocked me for a loop.

I *love* the original version, and I always will. It was always so happy and "up" that it hooked me on Raspberries forever. They banged the hell out of it and it rocked! But now, they're making love to it. They didn't perform the song, they *cherished* it like a precious jewel. By the (?)th time we saw it, I couldn't even move.

I fell in love with IWBWY all over again. I still adore the original version at the beginning of a show, the way they always do it, but I hope they will incorporate this gorgeous rendition somewhere near the end. I love it. A *divine* foretaste of creative genius...Thank you for another dream come true, guys and Overdubs.

smile --Darlene

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