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Hangin' With The Raspberries

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I watched Hangin With Bryan Adams on VH1 Classic and if the Raspberries format is similar, they show various video clips throughout the hour in addition to the interview and the unplugged songs from the the studio. Since the newly released "Go All The Way" video is the only one we know about, maybe they will show more footage from the recent concerts for individual song videos.

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Wouldn't you know it? My cable is messed up and I may not be able to stay home at a time they can come and straighten it out. If I get everything fixed, I'll start making tapes of the show for others. If not, may I beg a copy from someone else? Also am interested in the XM radio feed...aaah! So much good entertainment, so little time to grab it all! Thanks in advance.

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An historical footnote: the last time Eric, Wally, Dave and Jim appeared on a national television program was on the Mike Douglas Show in November 1973! Get those TiVos, DVRs and VCRs ready!


Oh yeah, PS: Remember—today is SUPER SUNDAY! Check back after the show :-)

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First of all I have to reset my recorder to get the first minute of this segment!

Hey, I love the guy doing the interview - he doesn't interrupt the boys and he is an unabashed FAN!!!


We're "an army" guys!!!!!! too cool!!!

and now back to the show.........

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