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Hangin' With The Raspberries

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Well all be glued to our tv sets. I can't wait. How long have we been talking about just this idea and now it is finally here. Who'd a thunk? Oh yea, we did... several times as a matter of fact and now it is finally happening. I just can't wait to see the guys on TV again. This is some trip we're on.

June happy

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Yes there is a huge list. Like who would have thought we would get Dave out here to sing again? Who would have thought Jim would be SO darn good at pounding at the drums? He is like a big kid up there but never misses a beat. They must have to nail the drums to the floor to be on the safe side. He is awesome to watch!! And who would have thought Eric and Wally would put their differences aside to make beautiful music again like only they can. Thank you guys so much for making me and so many other fans very happy indeed. Now some of you might say I would have thought this might happen but did you think they would be on TV, In NY, AC, ETC.... packing houses each and every time. Ok, I did think about it, but it was a dream.

Thanks Wally, Eric, Dave, and Jim, you guys are awesome together, I pray you will stay together.

June zzz

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I just received an email from HofB (Orlando) that stated: "VH1-Classic presents Whitesnake", hmmmm??? Aren't da Berries connected with VH1 Classic-but of course. And they're not even all the original Whitesnake members.

I'm feeling good about the boys coming to Orlando. Wishful thinking? Could be, but I am more optimistic this week than at anytime in the past.

Anne-Marie, Linda, Jason, Ann, are you listening?


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