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"Boats" quiz


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Originally posted by Eric Carmen:

... Plus there was a really cute girl with a low cut blouse, dressed like the "Swiss Miss" standing right in front of the stage. She had braids and looked like she'd just come down from the Alps with a herd of goats. None of us could quite figure out the outfit.

Ha! She was with the group that I was with!
So, I guess instead of the Alps...she'd just came down from CANADA with a herd of goats!!! haha
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Coming home from my New Years Eve symphony gig I saw an old newspaper (probably a couple of pages of the Trenton Times) blowing down a windy street in Trenton and it brought the impact of Eric's lyrics home. It was such an unexpected sight as we rode down Perry Street and the street was deserted (no partying)--just one lone traveler walking with his head down in the VERY cold night--that it underscored the feeling of desolation. GREAT lyrics!

smile --Darlene

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I have to laugh at the story of the "Swiss Miss." Reminds me of a certain fan of my favorite skater who some of the other fans and I used to refer to amongst ourselves as "The Yodeler" because at every show he skated in Toronto or Hamilton, Ontario, we could always tell she was there, even in a huge arena. Because every time he was announced, and after he skated, she'd let forth this series of very distinctive "YIPYIPYIP"s you could hear through the entire arena during the applause...I actually met her once at a reception and she was really very nice. But I had to laugh, thinking I was meeting "The Yodeler" in person at last.

As for memorable mishaps at Eric's shows, the one I will never forget (and maybe you remember this, Eric) is the Music Hall show on November 17, 1977, when one of your guitar straps broke and the guitar fell right on your toe. There was complete silence, and then you said, very pointedly, "OW!"

That was the night I heard "Boats" live...ah, heaven...

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Bernie's posting of Eric's live performance of "Boats Against the Current" on Christmas day was a revelation for me. It's been my favorite song for a long time but I'd never seen it done live. So that was a thrill... a heartfelt thanks to you, Bernie.

Ohh,"Boats" is one of my favorite song ever! and I never saw it done live.

Where could I find it??? I think it's not on youtube...

Thank you in advance,

Love from Buenos Aires.


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....well here is the version i did on youtube...a little help with the chords, and a one-take video...



I don't think EC is ever going to do that solo show. The next best thing would be for Andy to do an EC tribute concert! I thought Wendy was supposed to be setting that up...she was going to have Andy and Marvin open for the BC Rollers....

Seriously, I can see a summer or fall ec.com gettogether in Cleveland with Andy, Marvin and other members that play providing the entertainment. We'd have a great time. Maybe make a weekend of it and we'd go to the R&R HOF or something. Just a thought...

Andy...I want to say something but I don't want to offend you. You know I think you do a great job and I would kill to have your talent, so please don't take offense. On your piano songs, the piano dominates your voice. I guess the mike is closer to the piano than to you. People can't hear how great you sound. When you're playing the guitar, I can hear your voice much better. For example, your great cover of EC's "Hey Deanie"


Again, I mean no offense. I just think it's a shame that people can't hear what a great job you did on "Boats", ABM, and others.

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"Seriously, I can see a summer or fall ec.com gettogether in Cleveland with Andy, Marvin and other members that play providing the entertainment. We'd have a great time. Maybe make a weekend of it and we'd go to the R&R HOF or something. Just a thought..."

You know, that would be a lot of fun. I haven't played pop music since '89 but I'd be up for something like that!

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hey duane....no offence taken...i wish i knew how to record stuff properly....i just dont have the technology to do it...i use my digital camera believe it or not!....i just do this stuff for fun ...its better than watchin TV! thanks for the nice comments...i would be into doing something, especially with marvin (who is responsible for getting me hooked on the berries and ec)


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OK, now that I've moved away from there and all, I have a question for Eric: Which apartment did you live in at what was then the Watergate? Which building--east or west? And did you have a junior apartment like me, because I can see not being able to fit anything into that living room but a grand piano. And did you write everything up to BOATS while you were living there (after which you made that first temporary move to LA)?

I ask you this in part out of curiosity and in part because I think if you did, or at least if you wrote ABM there, the K&D Group (which owns the building) might actually be able to get it designated an Ohio Historic Landmark, and get a marker put on the property, and maybe the state would give them some money for renovating the place, which it could probably use!

Not that it'll do me any good anymore because I moved, but hey...

Yeah, I know...get an early 1970s highrise now being used as housing primarily for the low end of the income scale designated a state historic landmark...but what the hell...

I don't know, maybe I feel some loyalty to the old place. I moved in there when I did because at the time I was moving back to the area and didn't have a job for sure as yet...I was working on it...and they pretty much let me rent by listing myself on the application as having a job, TWO STATES AWAY--which I technically still did at the time--and I really needed to nail down a place to stay before I even nailed down a job in the area. So I stayed there longer than I probably should have, in part because I hate moving like poison...but it was easier to deal with knowing that I was living in the same complex where some of my favorite songs had been written...and I still can't believe that when I was apartment hunting, some strange force of the universe didn't drive me there, not even knowing what I had happened upon!

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The show I was talking about with Hall and Oates was at the old Uptown Theatre on the north side of Chicago (I had to take four busses to get there, as it was before I drove!)in 1977.

EC was wearing a white jacket with a dark shirt and pants. I was in the fourth or fifth row.

He started playing "Boats", beautifully, of course, and just as he was about to start to sing, the lid on the grand piano slammed down and made a THUNDEROUS noise. Eric, and just about everyone in the first few rows, jumped out of their seats at the shock.

EC said, "do you guys mind if I start that one over?" and everyone laughed and gave him a rousing ovation! He took a deep breath and smiled, which got some more laughs and then absolutely kicked ass and moved not only only me, but just about everyone I could see around me to tears!

Everyone stood up when the song was over. One of the greatest and moving performances I have ever seen and something I will never forget.

That was the fourth time I had seen him as a solo artist in Illinois in less than a two year period (oh, for those days!).

As far as the Ringo show many years later, I'm pretty sure I had read that most of the tour, the players took turns rotating doing an extra solo song (Eric, true of false?) but the night in Chicago, Ringo was somewhat ill, so they did all of the solo stuff to help him out. Eric was incredible doing "Boats" that night. I'd pay big bucks to have a video of THAT show!


I had forgotten about this anecdote! Great post, Pat. You know, the way a person responds under pressure says a lot about him. It doesn't shock me that Eric handled that little equipment malfunction so gracefully. 

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