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Reading the names of all these great Canadians reminds me of our friend Mike's tribute to our neighbors to the north.

(To the tune of Oh, Canada)

Oh Canada

Where we punt on third down

Our money it is blue

Our bacon it is round

The place is nice

But with all the ice

We are forced to love hockey

Quebec is French

So excuse the stench

The Expos had to leave

We gave the world

its best celebrities

Michael J. Fox, Neve Campbell, Wayne Gretzky

Alex Trebec, Paul Shaffer, Jason Priestly*

Copyright Mike Caragliano

All rights reserved

*was originally Pamela Lee, but changed when she went back to being known as Pamela Anderson

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Now since Canada's politics is in such tumult right now, it's my hunch (and recommendation) that the clear thinking, productive provinces (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba).....it's my hunch that they'll take this opportunity, beat Quebec to the punch and BOLT!

Now when this happens will Ben Cartright, Dudley Dooright and any of the other above mentioneds still be Canadian?

How long will it be before Bono( cool ) is campaigning the West to forgive the debt of Quebec, Ontario and the seaside provinces?

Will Springsteen do a benefit concert?

Will Pamela Lee donate her silicone to industry?

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Definitely not clear thinking since the Flames won the Stanley Cup in 1989. Great idea James. Perhaps Alberta and Quebec can form a revolutionary alliance and create a new country named "Queberta" or "Albec." Alex Trebec would be a natural to be prime minister of Albec. The two provinces could be linked by an underground tunnel or perhaps a disused oil pipeline. Their flag could have a picture of a flying croissant headed into a hockey goal. Dudley Dooright could be the patron saint of Albec. I see some AD HOC band gigs on the horizon raising much needed cash for enogh LaBatts Blue to last through the initial revolutionary phases.

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Tommy Jitro....good one Pat!

only just recently tipped to the inside story...

just picked up a hadnful of TJ vinyl (first 3 solo LPs circa 70-73) -- the first one being a big source of great lost shoulda been hits... still waiting to get the "lone" single "Love Song" which Tommy Allen swears by.... should be here before x-mas

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Tommy James' 'Love Song' is one of his best (and he's got many). The first and only place I ever heard it (summer of '72) was, of course, WOTT (Fun) radio whilst hanging out 'on the dock.' It appears on a TJ compilation or two. (I saw him a few years ago and told him 'Love Song' was one of my all time favorite songs and he said - and I quote - 'Where the f#%* did you hear THAT one?!")

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Tommy Jitro? Heck I'm Canadian and I don't even know who this is.


Tommy J(ames) and whatever "...Itro" was, made for the moniker in the summer of '72 by the dock of the bay -- taped off the radio....

"Love Song" does appear on the Rhino best-of (Tommy James the solo years) that came out in the early '90s but's now out of print & a tad price-y-- it also lacks some LP cuts like "Lady Jane".... a PRIMO Canadian-esque pop wonder

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