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Side 3 Whip Cream


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I have gone back and studied the whip cream again. The first time I tried to take the image that jumped off the picture at me and that was a cow. I can see why Gord thinks my cows are goats, but I do not see Eric. I do however see a small ape in the bottom left corner. Go Figure, me coming up with that!! June hahahaha

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You know what guys, I think the whole idea is not to look like anyone, what probably happened is that when the promotion for that record was being ready, they decided to put the raspberries on the record because of the little basket, and thought, their's something missing, so, someone came up with the idea to blob a spoonful

of whip cream with the real berries.

So actually, it's not supposed to look like anyone.

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You know what, Gord ? I think you're probably right about that. Isn't it cool, though, what our imaginations allowed each one of us to see ? I always just liked the way the album cover looked, and until a few days ago...never saw anything but whipped cream ! haha

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