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Side 3 Whip Cream


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Ok, am I crazy or what? I have always thought that on the vinyl album's cover, on the front inside container flap you can see a photo of a record. On this "record" there is a blob(?) of whip cream. To me it looks like Eric. Was that whip cream made to look like him or is my imagination to wild? crazy

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haha If it is Eric, then he must have been having a really bad hair day! I kind of see what you mean about a face, but I guess it is like the Rorshach test-open to interpretation. But hey, you made everyone scramble and check out their Side 3 Albums!! Actually it made me hungry!! happy ( Not sure about the spelling of Rorshach!!)
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I see a perfectly good LP being spoiled by a scoop or two of raspberries and spoonful of whipcream that looks like a sheeps head.

You know, that LP could be in my hands right now, but, it's not.


My phone will not be shut down for two weeks nor my e-mail, ok

Everything is being transfered over to my apt, in one day, on the 30th, of November, ok guys.

So, Eric, if you want to phone me, ok

Novmeber 30th, all day, my phone will be OFF AND MY INTERNET.

Until the phone guy comes, between 9am and 5pm.

Thank you for your understanding everyone.

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