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Raspberries Live Video


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PLEASE!!! If anyone knows how to obtain a copy of the Raspberries as seen on Don Kirshner's Rock Concert circa 1974-75 I'm sure many would like to know. That was the most candid--and only--live performance I ever saw of the group, and I'd love to get my hands on a copy. VHS, DVD, Betacam, 1-inch, ANYTHING!

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Darlene, QuickTime was installed in my computer, but I ended up having to replace it with a newer version of it -- which can be downloaded at no cost.

I do highly recommend this one...had to run this video several times in amazement...just as I did when I bought the single of "Go All the Way" when it first came out.

The dynamics were especially impressive, as Jim Bonfanti was able to anchor the group, with excellent results, between the loud and soft passages.

Wally Bryson also really got a workout, with all the tonal qualities at his fingers on that double-neck. (I've got one of those guitars at home, incidentally -- so I can understand what he is doing. )

Granted, the band members do make some minor mistakes here and there. But, you know, who really cares? On previous postings concerning other subjects, I mentioned the "intangible" values of music.

This video is a testament of that. The human element, the energy, the personality, and the feeling that Eric and the boys really are into what they are doing make up for any minor technical mistakes. That is the magic and beauty of the whole thing!

EVERY ONE of you should see this video!!

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