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Top ten power pop groups........


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I can't believe no one listed The Outfield. confused They have some amazing stuff.

like Boston, they sound too much like a studio band (i.e. overproduced) to have the desired impact that is truly POWER POP which is why the RASPBERRIES are so special...

they learned from the Who, Kinks, Beatles, Small Faces etc, that you need to capture that element of live rock and roll on your records... which sounds easier than it actually is...

bands who blend "pop" with "rock" without an edge are basically "pop/rock" bands... the needed power, energy, edge, intensity is the fleeting rare ephemeral magic to make something power pop... pure magic in a bottle... it's the reason why a band like the Raspberries created POWER POP and ELO didn't...

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Originally posted by ira:

So would "The Move".... be considered "Power Pop"?-Ira.

yes... definitely on songs like "I Can Hear The Grass Grow" (although the lyrics don't match) and "Do Ya" (not the ELO version).... also their live version of "So You Wanna Be A R&R Star"....

The Move had a lot more "Who" in them than ELO

You have to consider that there are two different eras to The Move, with Roy Wood & Bev Bevan being the constants between the two. There was the original 5-man lineup ("I Can Hear The Grass Grow," "Night Of Fear," "Blackberry Way," "Fire Brigade," "Cherry Blossom Clinic...Revisited," etc.) and then the 4-piece which included Jeff Lynne which eventually morphed into ELO when Wood & Lynne started to embrace their "inner Beatle". wink

The early period certainly was a transition from big-beat to psychedelia, and by the time Lynne came aboard they were turning into more of an "FM" kind of group with more experimentation.

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Pierson, I have to disagree. To me, studio bands do not replicate their sound very well when performing live.

Boston, live, was almost imperceptable from their studio sound. I was expecting much less. [/QB]

well, what i should have said was slick... both Boston & The Outfield took pop/rock to a more polished & less exciting place than our beloved Raspberries.... both bands have vocals that are WAY too overtweaked (or over dubbed)... and the guitars are very layered... it never sounds like you're hearing a bass, drums & guitar/s as it truly is...
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