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Top ten power pop groups........


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Good poll.

Here's my choices...in no particular order.



Tommy Keene

Cheap Trick (power pop?)

Big Star


Gin Blossoms


20/20 (great first record)

Shoes (Present Tense was great)

There have been some great power pop songs by non-power pop artists over the years too. But that's another list.

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Here are my top ten power pop titles:

1)Bobby Sherman

2)The Osmonds

3)The Partridge Family

4)The Bay City rollers

5)The Raspberries

6)The Baby's

7)The Poppy Family with Terry Jacks

8)The Defranco Family

9)The Hudson Brothers

10)The Gord Harris Group -titled- wish to meet Eric Carmen, Dave Smalley, Wally Bryson and Jim Bonfanti

Like that one huh.

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this would be a fun list to throw together, but to address susan's question, my post (the first one) at http://www.ericcarmen.com/ubb/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=3;t=000178 might help explain & deviate b/t 'power pop' & 'rock', i think - power pop's always got a bit more sugar in the recipe than rock (hence the delicious flavor by bands like the Raspberries!)

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This is what power pop is to me:Strong melodies,cruhchy or jangling guitars..strong British influence ala Beatles,Who ,Hollies Kinks,Byrds[Who were influenced by the bands just mentioned]simple boy-girl love lyrics[for the most part]very upbeat.I just don't include the 60s band in the genre myself.

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My list (In no preferential order... these things change you know)



Big Star



Marshall Crenshaw

Cheap Trick

Linus of Hollywood

The Posies


Runners up / different categories

(Only one album so not enough material for top of the heap level)

The La's

The Grays

Tales Untold

(Not a "power pop band per se, but did some great power pop tracks)


Toy Matinee

(Really reaching)

Under the influence of Giants wink

Paul Ellis

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Though they are not often lumped in the category, I think REM and The Pretenders did some nice power pop material on their early albums. Same with Elvis Costello and the Attractions and Nirvana too. Depends on personal definitions or beliefs about the genre, but I wouldn't include some of heavier punk groups in the category because of the lack of "tunefulness" in some cases. All the lines become so blurred, but I think there are sort of two categories; cleaner sounding bands and more distorted sounding, the Punkier oriented bands tending to fit the latter case. The Clash, The Replacements also did some great power pop material but arent often thought of in this category.

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