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Thanks from me & WIBG Radio For Tonights Radio Show.

Don H

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Hi Everyone... I wanted to say hello and thanks to all of you who made tonights Radio Show so very special for our Raspberries Album Release Program.

The calls from all over were fantastic...so thanks to Marvin in Calgary, Glenn in Mays Landing, Robert in Scotch Plains (sorry I missed your request and owe you a make-good), Ira, our lovely lady with the faulty phone, and of course the legendary Wally Bryson, himself! Wally's live appearance was a blast.

You all made this the very special show that I had planned....I hope that we honored our Raspberries as they deserved.

I believe in these guys and this great new material. Thanks go out to Bernie Hogya.(The Keeper of the Flame), Ken Sharp, Gene Taylor, Don Krider ...and to Jim, Wally, Eric and Dave themselves.

Let's all try and keep it going! Thanks again.

Sincerely, Don Hurley

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Don - many thanks for the wonderful show last night. Your enthusiasm for Rasberries and knowledge was a joy to hear --as well as a sneak preview of the upcoming release.

Thanks for posting the show info online so we all could be teased a little!!


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