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Its official! Ryko press release is out


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Like I've said before on this forum, I've heard that a lot of the old hippies/counter-culture people have moved there. Might not be perfect fit, but we know they'll appreciate music more than the average folks. Austin will love the 'Berries. And if 'W' is in town we'll invite his ipod over so we can put Soily & Junior's Farm on it. Or maybe that Ripperton tune I despise!!

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Raspy you may have a very dated impression of Austin being a hippie-town (& it was in the 70's) - but it's not anymore; it's been flooded by the tens of thousands (& continues to be) by the most yuppie, gentrified, white-collar, not-even-close-to-hippie population for years now, so that element of the population has long since been over-run by explosive growth

that said, it is THE most musically astute population i can imagine anywhere, incredibly musically literate & diverse, & you won't find a genre unrepresented (& unsupported) here. if u r a musician, it is absolutely mind-blowing

i'm currently in touch w/ the Stubbs (a recommended Raspberries venue) rep about a gig there, & pie-in-the-sky would love for my power pop, very compatible band (Dennis Quaid's younger brother) to open for Raspberries there, so Eric, there's a feather in your ear. btw, EC you should check out our 2 tunes posted at the link below (these are before harmonies were added, mind you) & give me your armchair quarterback feedback!

Austin will turn out for the Raspberries b/c we are a condensed population of intensely-dedicated live music lovers - when you arrive at the airport, you will see "Live Music Capital of the World" posted everywhere, & you will see & hear a live band playing in the airport itself (depending on time of day) - we even have (very popular) live music in a couple of our grocery stores! (Austin has more live music venues per capita than any other city in the world, hence the title, btw)

can't speak for all these other far-flung towns being tossed about, but yeah, Austin will "get" the Raspberries more than any other Texas town (honorary cowboy hat included, & pick up some great boots while you're here!)

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Well, it's pretty much settled then. Austin & Atlanta for the southern swing -- great combo &

I will try to make both shows!!

I still like some of that hippy-fied music.

When Eric came to Chastain in Atlanta some years ago w/ the Ringo AllStarr band they played "In the White Room" by Cream --- I loved it!!

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So Eric...little venues interest you? There's only about 12,000 people living in [and around] the city I now live in. Built in 1926...the 260 seat Classic Theatre is about all we have up here in the Temiskaming Shores area.


T'would be a GREAT thrill for all the residents to have an opportunity to see a NAME group. As a 'promoter' just to break even would be 100% worth doing...for me. Mind you it's a heck of a long haul to get here. About 5 hours north of Toronto.

Perhaps that explains why this kind of an idea is seldom discussed let alone actually considered. But...one can always HOPE.

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Paulie: How did you get so far away from Miss.??

Speaking of Miss. --- Tour rolling thru either

Biloxi or Tunica ( near Memphis ) could work.

I could share some blackjack tips/advice.

And ..... uhhhh ..... speaking of Biloxi ...

YES, believe it or not, this really happened.

I was sitting at the blackjack table at the Hard Rock Casino, and actually WEARING MY RASPBERRIES T-SHIRT, at about 5 past 9 in the morning -- and guess what song comes on their sound system .... you got it: GO ALL THE WAY.

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