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Its official! Ryko press release is out


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Al over on the 'berries site got me straight. The pre orders get the entire concert--PLUS---on DVD. Ryko will market the two different options to the general public. I'm so glad I ordered back in December or January--or whenever that was.


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Hey Austinberries,

If we wanted to play Austin, is there are great little venue there? ec

Eric - as it turns out, the previous contact i included in my last post ( C3 Presents ) ALSO books... yep, you guessed it, House of Blues in Dallas

us Austin-types dont have much to do w/ the folks in Dallas ;-), but C3 are the same folks that book Stubbs here, which i also mentioned (y'all may have to do a couple shows there b/c of its capacity, but maybe not)

they also book the big festivals i mentioned (Austin City Limits Fest & Lollapalooza), plus about half a dozen Harrah's Casinos in the midwest

so be sure to get your rep on this pipeline if some shows are brewing for Raspberries

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"Ocean City is where Baltimore, DC, and Philly

parties during the summer!"

At this point, it seems like it's mostly kids there, though. I used to go to OC every summer like clockwork, until my late 20s. Of the MD/Delaware beaches, OC seems best for high schoolers, Dewey Beach for college age, Rehoboth for adults (and an ever-increasing # of gays), Bethany for older adults with kids (about 20 churches there, but no bars!), and Lewes/Delaware Bay beaches for old goats. Of course, if one owns houses or property at any of these beaches, forget the generalizing above. (My best friend used to have a beach house in Bethany, but sold it and moved to Lewes....I'm just grateful she has it, and puts up with me!)

BTW, yes, OC definitely has the best Convention Center....although the Bottle & Cork in Dewey is a very cool little venue for shows.

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Often I stay just across the line in Del. at a friend's place, but somtimes I like to stay down near the inlet or on the boards for old times sake. Gone there about 40 years straight now.

Years ago the Electric Circus was a good venue as well as The Back of Rack --- Wine Rack is still there but condos now behind it!! Have to get to

Bottle & Cork someday.

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I always get down to the OC boardwalk at least a couple of times every summer, even when staying at Bethany (actually Ocean View) or Lewes (actually Milton, DE).

My all-time favorite at the OC end of the Boardwalk amusement park was that incredibly nasty, abusive Bozo The Clown (or whatever his name was) they had in the dunk tank back in the late 70's...the one with the grating laugh that was like a nail on a chalkboard! He'd insult everyone throwing at the target, to the point that some people got so mad they'd throw at him (but he was in a cage)....

He disappeared around '81 or '82, and I always wondered if some of the equally nasty types he used to abuse hung around after closing one night, and drowned him in his tank (or ran him over)......

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Yep, I remember "Elvis", always with a dirty pastel (green or orange) leisure suit and greased-back hair, carrying a small boom box blasting "It's Now Or Never", or other Elvis tunes. I believe he passed away in the late 80's or early 90's....One funny thing - I remember seeing Elvis' photos (with the boom box against his ear) at one of the photo booths in a Boardwalk arcade (the 5 photos for $1 booths)....they were using his photos as samples, pasted or taped to the side of the booth.

I used to stay at the George Washington (10th Street & Boardwalk, if I recall), the Surf & Sands (around 24th Street), and a motel on Philadelphia Avenue, close to the original Phillips Crab House.

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I'm still disappointed that those of us that couldn't afford or get the special package won't be able to see the whole show on DVD. My tastes have changed since I've gotten a DVD player a few years ago, and now only buy live DVD's as opposed to CD's. I'm just hoping that somewhere down the line the DVD will be sold seperatly...


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Check closely on the raspberriesonline.com closely. There's some new info on additional special editions.

"On sale Additional Special Edition sets WILL be available to order on June 22nd.

Updated details about the Special Edition sets will be posted here by June 20th.Stay tuned!"

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