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Its official! Ryko press release is out


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While this is the official announcement from Rykodisc, I think a lot of us are awaiting word about the Special Limited Edition sets (are they also being released on 7/31, what about the extras, etc.?), which aren't mentioned in the press release.

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elementary, my dear John-O!; or as i put it on the raspberriesonline board to Big Al:

thanks Al; how about some gory details on the pkg's ear & eye-candy contents & perks previously alluded to for those of us who dug deep & plunked down for the big kahuna? i mean, we *will* get to scratch & sniff, & more, right?...

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ahh, there's Eric chiming in on this thread - Eric, drop some dirt on us - do you wanna put together some more Raspberries shows & hit the road & bring us the goods in person in relation to all this work & this project? c'mon, just say you do, you know you wanna, you know it feels soooooooo good, you know its the highest of highs (better than Drivin' Around in a Jag) & there ain't nothing like it

& you know you wanna come to Austin, TX. c'mon Eric, say you want it - 1, 2, 3, FOUR!

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FYI...Ryko is doing a total redesign of their website, and that's why it hasn't been updated in a several months. I'm told the band will be featured prominently when the redesigned site is up and running.

Regarding the Special Limited Edition sets...They are also being released on July 31, but we hope to get them to you a little sooner than that. The rest of the "gory details" are coming soon...in a week or so...and you won't be disappointed!

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thx for the info, Al - Ryko's site has been in need of revamping for a while, it's kind of baseline functional. in fact, can't even pull their site down right now as we speak, coincidentally or not

looking forward to the gory details & hope the wait & pricetag has been offset by the perks (can u say "copy of the book 'tonight' "?). just be sure & top it off w/ a scratch & sniff so we can be transported back to that moment in time when 'go all the way' sonically blitzed our ears & rolled out a little genre called 'power pop', w/ about a bazillion would-be-heirs-to-the-throne since

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Actually, greedy and impatient little b*stard that I am, I was hoping for an unofficial footnote to the official press release, stating "By the way - You who forked out for the Limited Special Edition versions - Your packages are in the mail!"

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Hey Austinberries,

If we wanted to play Austin, is there are great little venue there? ec

are you kidding?!? glad you asked...

#1 Antones (capacity 600)

#2 La Zona Rosa (cap. 1200 they say, tho' actual performance area is prob more like 6-800)

#3 Stubbs (cap. 1800 outside, prob about 200+ inside)

#4 Continental Club (cap. 200)

#5 Austin Music Hall (cap. 3000)

#6 Threadgills (cap. prob @ 300 outside)

#7 The Backyard/The Glenn (outdoors cap. 5000/few hundred)

now, you do NOT want to be playing outdoors here during the summer (& TX summer goes up fully thru September & can still be very warm into the fall)

i've played most of these venues, & you will appreciate their professionalism, audio egr's, green rooms, etc (tho' you know how green rooms can go)

w/out a doubt, your #1 choice should be Antones. booking there is thru David Cotton 512.835.5997. you should really attempt to nail this one down if you come this way (its our House of Blues!). La Zona Rosa is great, perfect for you guys too, if not just a tad less high-profile than Antones. Stubbs is great, high profile, would love to see you guys indoor there, but its fairly tight (outdoors there may be too big & too damn hot!)

Charles Attal Presents 512.385.3602 does bookings for several of these other venues (tho he has recently teamed up w/ C3 Presents 512.478.7211, who does Austin City Limits Festival, Lolapalooza (which they fully revived/revamped & plucked from its deathbed), & other events

all their sites can be googled & found easily

hope this helps - pass it on to your peeps. now get your asses down here & put me on the list at the door! ;-) (jk - i'd pay to see the Raspberries ANY day...)

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Hey Eric,

The Wisconsin Dells has The "Crystal Grand Theater", it would be perfect for you guys!!! Then you could hit all the Dells attractions, your kids would love it. The Dells is my home town so if you need a tour guide........!!!

Many famous groups have played the Grand, ..Styx, David Cassidy, Reo, just to name a few!!!

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Hey EC--

Since there's no surf in Cleavland, come on down to Fl. Here in Jacksonville we have one of the sweetest sound venues you will have ever played in. The Florida Theater in downtown Jax uses union workers and is reguarly played by touring acts such as Hall&Oates, Huey Lewis, Loggins&Messina, Your buddy Todd was supposed top be there too!!!. Come on down and and I'll personally cook steaks for you and the crew--my treat.


PS--Does Wally eat as much as Kay implies??

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