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First Raspberries Concert


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I've seen both batches of 'Berries and Eric's performances too. It was my policy to go whenever they were even remotely in the area. Some of the best shows were in New York. Rutgers University (2nd batch) was really fun--a really small, intimate venue at the Student Center where I was in the 2nd row and could smile right back at Eric everytime he hit the high note (so BAD!) in IWTBWY! One of the most exciting was in Central Park when Harry Nilsson and John Lennon appeared on stage--but the Raspberries generated more excitement in me than either Nilsson or Lennon! Eric's solo debut at The Bottom Line in NYC was great because it was a pretty intimate venue also. One got to see Jimmy Ienner and Clive fussing around Eric a lot. I remember talking to Scott and Eric both at St. John's University one night after a show. Walking alone through the subway at midnight was pretty scary, but I'd have done it all over again at any time, because the show was so worth it!

smile --Darlene

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I only saw the Raspberries once in concert.It was 1974 I think it was, I was 15 and I feel in love with Eric that night.That concert will be a treasured memory forever.

I remember I got last minute tickets and sat behind stage. I had to look at Eric's butt all night [not that I minded one bit wink ]

He turned around to face the back of the stage,and sang a song to me and my sister. "To the girls who had to look at our butt's all night, this song is for you two" But it was so long ago, I can't recall what the song was. Eric, if you by some slim chance remember this, I will never forget that night. smile

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