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First Raspberries Concert


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Hey everybody,

Just wondering if there are other fans here who have never seen the Raspberries perform before. This will be my first time, and seeing so many great posts from those who were lucky enough to have seen the berries before has got me wondering, am I the only one ?

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I saw Eric on the Dirty Dancing Tour and then again at the Hall Of Fame. I also was in Cleveland to see the Raspberries reunion without Eric. Whether there are more shows beyond this or not, don't you think that the chances have grown significantly that Eric will perform solo at the House Of Blues in the future.

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Saw them in Cleveland in '70 or '71 at my high school dance, before Dave joined the band. Did perfect renditions of the Beatles, Badfinger, Left Banke, Bee Gees, and many others whom I can no longer remember. Slowly would introduce their own songs I was a junior in HS when they started playing songs off of what was to become their first LP. Saw them many times. One of my favorites was at the Utopia Night Club for their first concert with the new line-up w/ Scott and Mike in 74 or 75. But they were always the best at the Cleveland Agora

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I saw the Raspberries in 1974. Mike and Scott were in the band then. That was the first concert I'd ever been to..I was 13. That was the only time I saw the Raspberries. I've seen Eric in concert a few times in Akron and Cleveland. I also saw him with the Dirty Dancing Tour and with Ringo. I had front row seats for the Ringo show. The people I went with were excited because they were going to see Ringo...I was thrilled because I was going to get to see Eric again after so many years!!!

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Hi all...

I've been reading this board for years, thought

I might actually write something for once...

I got to see The Raspberries in Sept of '73,

I believe, at Carnegie Hall...

awesome concert of course...

Then again in '74 at The Bottom Line, a little club in downtown NY, I think it held about 300 people maybe...saw Eric there a couple of years later also when his first solo album was released...

Last time I saw the band was at another small, smokey bar/club in Long Island, NY...called

My Fathers Place...

Got to take many pictures at The Bottom Line show,

Got Eric and Wally to look them over and sign the photo album months later...Wally complained that there were too many pictures of Eric smile

Eric asked what's wrong with that?

At both small clubs, the band was out among the audience, not sure if it was before they went on, or after...been awhile...

Anyway, just a few words about the times I got to see them...

Thanks to Bernie for all you do here.


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I was lucky enough to see the "raspberries" when they were the Cyrus Erie, The Quick, Poe, Secret, Dynomite and of course as the RASPBERRIES. I've seen Eric as a solo also. Nothing beats seeing the guys at the Hullaballoo or the Agora back in the late '60's and early '70's. But, ,you know what???? Maybe this show in the '04's will beat them all !!!!!!

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After reading the through these posts, I suspect I might be the only member who has seen The Mods. I was in eighth grade (?), and they played at the St. Mary's gymnasium in Mentor.

I went to St. Maryís church, and I donít think I have to tell you that this was an all ages show. The band was wearing black pants, white shirts with black vests. Of course, at that age, it was all very exciting. They were ìjust like The Beatlesî.

It was the line up of Wally, Dave, Jim, Danny Klawon, and Dave Burke. Dave Burkeís dad was my little league baseball coach, and his brother Tim was on my team. So it was not hard to keep up with news of the band.

Just one other different ìconnectionî. As I have posted before, in the Mentor School system, middle school is seven through nine, and high school is ten through twelve. So although I was never under the same roof as Wally and Dave, I did attend Memorial Junior High with Marilyn Bryson.

She was in ninth grade when I was in seventh, and sometimes I would sit next to her in a open study hall. She was very hip looking, very ìCherî looking with long, straight hair, dark eyeliner, mini skirts, and go-go boots.

She told me I was cute, though I suspect she was just being kind to one of the nerds. She would occasionally pass me notes, and of course I thought I was King Youknowwhat. Very fond memories.

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