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This day in Raspberries History


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Aug 15, 1974 ñ Raspberries played an outdoor Concert at the Brown County Fair; in New Ulm, MN (my hometown). While it might seem trivial to some fans. It was a defining moment in Rock History for me (a 20 year old kid back in '74). When Eric and Co. took the stage and launched into "I'm a Rocker". I knew this would be a Great Concert.

This was the "Starting Over" Raspberries. With the addition of Scott McCarl; an excellent songwriting partner, bass player and vocalist. Scott sang lead vocals on "Play On", "Rose Coloured Glasses" & "Cry". Michael McBride added some "thunderous punch" on the drums. The Concert lasted about 75 minutes. Talk about a high energy Rock Show.

"Overnight Sensation" was introduced as their new single. That tune just "blew me away" Live! Eric prefaced "Go all the Way" as a song he wrote as a teenyboopper...about 10 minutes ago! Scott smoked on "Play On" (that song always sounded like it should have been a "monster Hit". "I Wanna Be With You" and "Let's Pretend" rocked just like the radio they were made for.

The Berries came back for an extended 10+ minute encore: "All Right Now" (a Free cover). Wally's guitar was screaming and Eric vocals carried the song to new heights. The cost of this show: the ticket stub reads $3.50! Definitely a cheap education in the History of Rock 'n Roll.

Thanks to Eric Carmen, Wally Bryson, Scott McCarl and Michael McBride. You guys rocked New Ulm that "Hot August Night"! (and made me a lifetime Raspberries Fan). The Starting Over album was released one month later. "Overnight Sensation" was a top 20 Hit. While it may have not charted that high. It was one of Rolling Stone magazines "Albums of the Year" for 1974.

Don Manderfeld

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Don, I really enjoyed reading your account of the concert in New Ulm. The more people I meet on the board (including "Raspbernie"), the more fortunate I feel to have been one of those who saw and heard the 'Berries and Eric live. Live, they just generated an excitement in the air you could cut with a knife! The room (or outdoors) just "crackled" with it! Thanks so much for sharing it with all of us! --Darlene

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Tony, I completely agree with your call on "Starting Over". it definately was the most "complete" Raspberries album. It is a shame that Scott and Eric were not allowed to spend more writing time together. (a not much lesser Lennon/McCartney?) I also love Mike McBrides drumming on that cd. If drumming can be "eclectic", Mike's was.

I have tried to find Scott McCarls cd, but have not been successful...anyone know where I can find it?

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