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The word on a Raspberries reunion isÖ


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How about Blackjack? They were the de-facto "house band" at the Agora, as I am told. Having them open would play well with the Cleveland crowd.

Michael's singing career is at a standstill, and the Kulicks and Eric Singer's services haven't been needed by KISS for over three years now. I'm not familiar with their music, but from what I understand, they were a mainstay in the Cleveland music scene.

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Uh.. in case you're unaware... Eric Singer is currently playing with KISS (wearing Peter's makeup). Bruce, as some of you may know, whipped an effect pedal at Michael's head near the band's end so I don't think that is a possibility! Sorry.. maybe you can ask Bruce on his website at Kulick.net if he'd get the band back together again.

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All this conjecture about where Raspberries are going to play is ridiculous. As everyone can tell by this website, the tiny town of Cranbury, New Jersey has more registered Carmen/Berry fans per capita than any where else in the world and will, therefore, be the home of the 'Berries Reunion Concert.

Dave (and my good neighbor, Darlene)

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The Berries Reunion Concert could be at my place, if needed, a parking lot concert, cool.

I forgot, it's too cold here.

All most winter. shucks!

Bernie, a next song on the MP3 play, could you please play, "Cindy In The Wind", I beg you.

Or could you please" you know what I'm going to ask you?

I beg you, I really miss that song, I like it a lot.

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How about halfway between Ottawa and Montreal? I LOVE the Chateau Montebello - it's a beautiful setting - close for all those NY / OHIO / NJ people. And, as Bushman and I have already discussed in another thread, the town of Montebello has the world's best pizza place! The perfect setting for a great band... What more could they ask for?

Unfortunately, I get the feeling that it's probably going to be only a once-off show, and it's more than likely going to be in Cleveland. Eric's not the type to spend a lot of time away from his family, and as we see throughout the book, not a fan of the town of LA in any way... so the most logical place is Cleveland. Darn! frown It's a bit too much of a trip for me to make with my blood clot. Doctor's orders - no travelling allowed! frown

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I have Jimmy Ienner stored in the Capitol records vault. If the reunion doesn't come to L.A., you'll never see him (or his smile) again! Seriously, folks, you guys think that Eric doesn't like L.A.? Truth is, he likes it TOO much. Eric talks about losing your morality in L.A. He talks about being too available in L.A. He talks about sex, drugs, and rock and roll in L.A. So, too much of a good thing for Eric in L.A. Doesn't happen to all of us, though, just the rock stars and the movie stars. I don't think he'd mind playing here again, as long as he wasn't living here. It just happens to be a little far from home. I'll keep the 'L.A.' chant going for now. What's that Jimmy, you need some more air? O.K., just give me a sec, I'm almost done here. Kirk.

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Right, the last tour with Aerosmith, Peter had played with them. But Tommy Thayer had replaced Ace when he didn't want to do the tour. They opted to have Tommy play in Ace's makeup. When it came time to renew Peter's contract, Gene and Paul decided to go with Eric Singer and shake up the setlist. They did some obscure songs for the hardcore fans this year that have never been played and described it as 'now we're able to play songs that the previous lineup could never play'. That's what's up in Kissland. They just finished their tour with Poison and Paul Stanley is set to finish his solo album for release early next year. By the way, Gene released one earlier this year and it's quite diverse. Lots of Beatle influences in it. Good record.


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Great topic Marlene,

It's tough to pick songs--because none of "Starting Over" will be played--but fwiw--here are my thoughts on Raspberries reunion set-list:

Opening acts:

Scott McCarl (acoustic set, three songs)

Rosevelt (Jesse Bryson's band, five songs)


Ticket to Ride (opening)

I Wanna Be With You

Let's Pretend

Drivin' Around

Hard to Get Over a Heartbreak (Dave on lead)


Last Dance (Wally on lead)

It's Cold Outside or Bad Blood (Dave solo song, Dave on lead)

Should I Wait

All By Myself (Eric solo)


Go All The Way


No Reply

Twist and Shout

Extra songs I would like to hear:

Come Around and See Me (Eric and Wally on lead)

Where Have You Been All My Life (Wally lead on Fotomaker song)

I Saw Her Standing There (Beatles, Eric on lead)

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Larry, why do you assume that nothing off "Starting Over" won't be played? Is it just because Scott and Michael arent there, or you feel Jim and Dave cant replicate thier parts? If you follow that logic , then they really can't play any Eric solo, Fotomaker tunes and the like. Personally I think they'll cover songs off "SO" but it's really all conjecture at this point...

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Also Paul,

Is Gene's CD that good? I've heard nothing but bad things about it (and that was from KISS fans as well as critics) I've already seen copies of it showing up in the used CD store nearby me.

IMO, they should have just called it quits after the reunion tour. There's no new album on the horizon, and now it seems they've just become an "oldies" act like The Beach Boys.


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You're right Poor4Life. I'm just *assuming^ no SO songs will be played--as Dave and Jim were not in the band at the time--and I'm just thinking SO songs would simply bring about an uncomfortableness for all concerned.

The first three albums have enough great material to cull from--so why bother with SO for this particular reunion of the original lineup.

I never said Fotomaker songs would be played--I did say that I would like to hear that one great song however.

As far as "All By Myself" goes--I don't think there's any getting around them playing that--after all--it's one of the most well-known songs in pop history--so it *has* to get played. When the time comes for ABM--perhaps the group could do a Beatles (ala when Paul played "Yesterday" live in 1965)--and Wally, Jim, and Dave could leave the stage while Eric performs it. That's my take anyway.


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Larry buddy! Andy and I had the very same discussion yesterday. I think "ABM" has to be played and will be done solo. As far as other songs go, I'd say that the only certainties are "GAtW" and "I Wanna.." Some of Eric's lead songs are going to have to be tuned down a notch or two for Eric to hit those notes.


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OK--I'm with you guys--I'd LOVE to hear SO songs--most especially "Overnight Sensation" at the show. So--how 'bout this then?

After performing a bunch of songs--about 2/3 through the show with the original lineup--it's announced that Scott and Mike will be joining them onstage to do a number or two from SO. All six members then perform "Overnight Sensation" and "Play On." Whaddya think?

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Hey there Marvin--I'd like to debate you on what you noted previously.

I'm thinking that Eric is such a proud perfectionist (in the best sense of the term there)--that he'll want to sing all his songs in the original keys. The only real problems he might have--(if they do these songs)--would be on the two he always had a problem with ("Ecstasy" and "I'm a Rocker")--which have always been impossibly high anyway!. ANYBODY would have a problem hitting the notes on those two songs--even Tiny Tim in his prime!

Relatedly--I saw McCartney play Nassau Coliseum in NY two years ago--and he sang every song in the original key (even "Maybe I'm Amazed"). He hit all the notes--and he was 60 years of age at the time! Accordingly--I know Eric can do it!

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Jim has made mention on more than one occasion how he wished he had played the drums on "Overnight Sensation". I think it's a given that one will be played. I imagine they'll touch on Eric's solo songs a bit as well. "Make Me Lose Control", I thought, was a good record that would have been a great record if done by the Raspberries.

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