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The word on a Raspberries reunion isÖ


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I don't expect discounts, that for sure....but I would like preferred seating. After all, we are the dedicated people that were there and ready for Eric......it would really gall me to see some "fair weather fans" buying "gold circle" seats on some corporate deal, get these before the die-hards.

To give you an example of how being a die-hard fan is rewarded, look no further than the Grateful Dead......they offer "dead heads" not only preferential seating, but even allow fans to be in a "taping section" to tape the concerts for their own personal use.

(Although with small hand-held equipment, the sound quality may be dubious, so I wouldn't go that far. And it's just better to just wait until the official live concert CD/DVD comes out).

And the majority of the fans on this board are not within easy driving distance of Cleveland, either.....so it's fly or take a real long drive.......now, that's dedication!!

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Relax. One of the prizes ISN'T that Eric writes a song about you :-) Still, it's probably no big deal for all of you budding songwriters out there. I mean, Mar-LENE? Seventeen, prom queen, silver screen, nothing in between, yellow submarine, jelly bean, fax machineÖ Could it be any easier?


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Although, I AM wondering what the "bonuses" will be....you SURE he won't write a song about me ?

spin Ok,ok....Truth is....I'll be thrilled to hear the guys play ANYTHING. Unlike some of the lucky people here, I was never able to see the Raspberries live. This is like a dream come true !!

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Sorry to jump right in without so much as an intro, but colour me excited. smile

Has anyone given any thought of a possible opening act for the 'Berries reunion? I ask only because another veteran power pop act, Youngstown's Blue Ash, have recently reformed and I think it would be awesome to maybe see them on the bill given the group's similarities. A real Cleveland homecoming!

...and if anyone amongst the powers that be think that this might worth pursuing, I can put you in contact with Frank Secich from Blue Ash.

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