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The word on a Raspberries reunion isÖ


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As far as the talents of Jim Bonfanti and Mike McBride go, I saw them both play a few times, and bottom line is , they are both very talented and unique in their styles. The major memory that comes to mind in the difference was that Mcbride

played with a style that could only be desecribed as "BIG, LOUD AND INTENSE"...THOUGHT HE WAS GONNA BEAT THE DRUMS LITERALLY OFF THE STAGE, ALOT of power there.

But let me say this also, at the ODEON show, until JIM, Wally and Dave finally were on stage singing and playing did you truly realize the 'CHEMISTRY" in style and sound that was all their own, it was what made them special, period. Add Eric to the mix, and for those of us who saw it live, It was unlike anything I have heard, then or now.

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Dean, Your comments cut right to the chase! Mike and Jim are great drummers--albeit each has his own unique style. The word "chemistry" is really the perfect one to describe the original four together. It was unlike anything I ever saw and heard before. Whenever they were remotely anywhere near my area, I would go. It was like a magnet drew me to their performances. You are so lucky to have been able to hear them live!!!!

smile --Darlene

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Marlene, I believe the Rollers song that you are referring to is "Saturday Night" but they also have a song called "Marlena." The Bay City Rollers' biggest fan visits this site: Bahoo (Andy). Check out the Rollers' albums and especially "Elevator." Some great Pop music.


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He is in New Holland, PA. He used to be a driving force in a Baltimore band, The Ravyns. Great live band that played melodic power-pop back in the 80s. Their 15 minutes of fame was a song called "Raised On The Radio" from the movie "Fast Times At Ridgemont High. Some of their stuff had direct simiarity to the Raspberries.

When The Ravyns split (amicably I might add) Kyf formed "Company of Wolves" which was an awesome group. They had limited success but their talent was incomparable. If you would like I could forward a few MP3s.

Kyf is a very funny guy and in addition to his rock roots has a strange penchant for Scottish music. He even did a CD of bloody awful Scottish drinking songs. I don't know what in the h**l he was thinking (or drinking).


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