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The word on a Raspberries reunion isÖ


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anniekny...great idea!!!! maybe we can all get together before or after the show.....maybe we can have a section of seats for EC.COM folks!!!

this is tremendous news & i can't wait to hear the specifics!!!!! this has already been suggested, but maybe scott can open for the guys that night, or nights!

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Bernie....indeed good news! The first part of the year has not been good for me, plus I am also bummed about missing BOTH Weekend at Bernies AND the Olympics......So this certainly makes my day!!

Interestingly enough, I have the first weekend in October off. Was planning to go to my 30th class reunion---kind of an iffy proposition to begin with----but decided a couple of days ago that I was not going.

Plus I have one week of vacation in mid-October(you know, the one I couldn't move to THIS week).

Marvin, it would be indeed interesting to have them do a track or two from "Starting Over". The drums would certainly sound different--Bonfanti

is more of a "power drummer" compared to McBride.

I'd love to hear how Jim's interpetation of "I Don't Know What I Want"!!

And Scott actually did "Nobody Knows" on the "Preserved" compilation handily, so who knows, maybe Wally or Dave can return the favor.

No doubt, the bulk of the material in the set would be from the first three albums. But there are lots of other possible songs. "Ticket to Ride?" "Locomotion?" "It's Cold Outside?"

"Hungry Eyes?" "Miles Away?" songs from "Refreshed"? A Boxer tune?

It's all good!!

And the timing of this is perfect, in light of the health problems the likes of Van Halen, Charlie Watts, Ringo Starr, Dan Fogelberg, etc. have......all four of the Raspberries are in good health, so why not go for it?

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Hi There,

Okay, nothing new yet... just checking AGAIN! Hee hee... Luv the getting together before and/or after the show(s) ideas! Also, Billy K and everybody else, from what I've been hearing, Ringo Starr's health is just fine... he had shoulder surgery earlier this year and was back in the studio working on a new album with Mark Hudson a couple of months ago...

Hey, since Eric is back in "tour mode," maybe he'll go back out on tour with Ringo next time, too! Hee hee again! So much to giggle gleefully about these days... so many possibilities!

Still Hanging On Bernie's Every Word,

Joyce Marie spin

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BillyK - Good post but I have to disagree about Jim B. being more of a power drummer that Michael. I have seen them both live. Having played a drum or two myself, I can tell you that Michael blew me away. That's not meant as a slap at Jim by any means. They both had a command of their craft.

At the time I saw Michael I wasn't aware the Raspberries had split and thought the 'new' drummer was the touring drummer brought in for more power and flash - which he certainly showed.

If the original 4 were to do Overnight Sensation as the finale I think it would be a fitting and perfect way to end the evening.

Just my 2 cents.


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My two concerns are: 1 - that they'll play a small venue, and I won't be able to get tickets at all, and 2 - I will be able to get concert AND airline tickets, AND will shift my vacation plans around, and the whole thing will fall apart. I pray everything continues to go smoothly, and they're serious about pulling this endeavor off. Also, please guys, choose a large enough venue so that we all have a chance to see you!! Even the chance of seeing this show is a dream come true for so many of us!!


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Don't feel bad. The only song titled "Darlene" was on a Maureen McGovern record that had "The Morning After" on it. I got so excited, "Darlene" was the first cut I played. It was a terrible, depressing song about this ditzy girl who was doing anything to try to get a man. The beginning of the chorus was like, "What's it all about, Darlene?..." and then something about her getting some guy to come over, and "he stays at your apartment..." and like, he just leaves and she never sees him again. Evidently, she repeats that scene throughout the song. What a bummer *that* was. I never looked to see if anyone wrote a song with my name in the title again. After MMLC, I wanted to change my name to "Jennifer."

smile --Darlene

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Hey, I'm back home and hope to hear something soon. I will have to make arrangements also depending on the location of the reunion concert(s)! I think the raspberry shirt idea is pretty cool. Depending on location, maybe a bunch of us can meet at a nearby hotel and have a "Berry" party! No matter where it is, I will have to get a room (I'm fairly certain they won't be playing in Beloit!) haha

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Sounds great! Now, what shade of "raspberry?!" Anyone want to post a color swatch (like Sherwin Williams paint samples!)? Speaking of things "raspberry," I went into my dresser for a pair of shorts today, and saw a size 4 (or they seem like a size 2!) pair of bleached denim short short-shorts on which I had embroidered the word "Raspberries" across the backside, and embroidered a little raspberry as well. I sure won't be wearing *those* to the reunion. I can't begin to get into them anymore. I had a matching denim jacket, I embroidered the same way, but don't know what ever happened to it. I keep the shorts as a memento (and a goal for what I'd love to be able to fit into). Ahhh--someday (or some *night,* in my dreams!)

smile --D

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"Jennifer" by Kyle Vincent is a catchy little pop number. Though his Jennifer is a wild and crazy sad girl.

Too bad Scott McCarl is not involved. He wrote and co-wrote more solid tunes on one album than the rest of the non-Carmen 'Berries did on 1-3.

And Dan Fogelberg is not near death like some article said. He says on his website that he is responding well to treatments and is not in the advanced stages of anything. smile

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