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What's going on around here? This is supposed to be something we all do for fun and entertainment and now another long time contributor has imposed a punishment on himself because of the actions of a few or maybe only one.

I remember a few weeks ago a woman posted for the first time (with the "is Eric gay" question) and some of us were a little "mean-spirited" with our responses (including myself). The more I thought about it, I wanted to apoligize to her, but before I could, the thread was removed. So to you, first time poster (Marlene, I think), I'm sorry.

(Besides, my picture and website is attached to my profile, I don't want anyone I've insulted to come looking for me!)


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People being human, things sometimes get carried away. And some threads weren't meant to be...As I understand it, Gord has either cancelled his internet service or had problems with his computer and been off the website for periods of time, having nothing to do with what anyone posted. I hope that's the case this time. Marvin, thanks a million for conveying our comments to him. Your friendliness to board members is always appreciated by us all. Let's hope Gord isn't gone for very long.

smile --Darlene

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