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Get ready for the EC.com Garage Sale!


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I believe that with time "All By Myself" will be heralded as one of the GREAT pop standards of this generation! Just take a look at the #1 album in America today: Ancora by Il Divo, which includes (drum roll, please) a cover version of "All By Myself" -- a song written thirty tears ago that is still making hearts swoon!


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First, I'd like to thank everyone for their support of EricCarmen.com -- needless to say we had a very successful "Garage Sale." I hope you picked up something cool. Many of the the items featured in this auction will never be available again! Congratulations to the winners.

Second, your support of this website insures that EricCarmen.com will continue…even better than before. I will now be able to upgrade the web site server and add even more features, which will allow me to add a full menu of permanent multimedia including TV appearances and performances throughout the years. These video and audio clips will not be rotated like they are now but will be a permanent archive for all visitors to enjoy.

So, thanks again.

And wait till you see what I have in store for you in the coming months :-) Not to mention news that will excite Eric Carmen fans everywhere. Shhhh. Stay tuned…


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You would be Susana, but the last naked protest, you insisted on keeping your "dignity undies" on.

You know, Those 2-sizes-too-big "grandma panties" that you stretched up like a tube top to make yourself rated PG13...While Darlene, Kirk and I were "Blowin' in the Wind"...After we took off our protest sandwich-board signs, that is...

Ah, memories... spin

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