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Get ready for the EC.com Garage Sale!


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Some cool stuff there! cool

I'm sure the bidding will accelerate during the week. I think a great add-on that would attract a lot of interest (If it could be arranged) would be the opportunity to receive a personal phone call from Eric! I would imagine that some of the fellow board members would pay a fair amount of money to get a call from Eric. happy


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I had a hard enough time remembering my own name when I met him at the LA concert.

I knew I came in with one, but darned if I could remember what it was, had it for years, signed it to things many times, but for the life of me I couldn't think what it was, went totally blank could have used a cue card, I was mortified!


eek :rolleyes:

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It will be interesting to see where the ABM signed lyrics end up- they're at $350 and it's still the 1st day! Tip for those not familiar with ebay- if Bernie used "Eric Carmen" and "Raspberries" in the description of the item, it will appear in both places on ebay. If he only used one name or the other in the description, the item will only appear under that name ("Raspberries" for 'berries stuff and "Eric Carmen" for Eric's stuff). Wouldn't want anyone to miss out on the fun smile Kirk.

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I know, Tony--it IS the "Holy Grail." WOW! I can only imagine where the price is going to go! I think a few copies of Eric's lyrics could possibly finance EC.com for the rest of its life!

I'm listening to Chris DeBurgh's "Nothin' Ever Happens Round Here" and I always think of you when I hear his music. Nobody can say "Nothin' Ever Happens Round EC.com now!"

smile --Darlene

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Bernie - The idea of Eric calling people is a good one. Brian Wilson was doing this last year - personally calling anyone who donated $100 or more to a Katrina Relief fund he had set up. It would raise a lot of money for this site, I'm sure.

Question - Are the personalized guitar picks the same ones that were given to the Meet & Greeters in LA in October? Just wondering......

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The cost of housing and maintaining this website will be covered by the current auction, so thanks to everyone for their support. As for the guitar picks, I don't know what was handed out at the L.A. "Meet and Greet," but I asked Eric, Wally, Dave and Jim for these and they reached into their pockets to hand them to me :-)


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I'll admit it, I'm Linksmusic. That's my store's name (linksmusic.net). Mostly just having fun. Love to have the lyrics, but I bidded it up to over 600.00, that's getting close to my max.

It's early, and I'll probably get outbidded on most things. If I'm lucky, maybe I'll get a few things. Just glad to help support the site! happy


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