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Computer blues


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Before the week of October 4th, I never thought a computer could ruin one's life for awhile, but mine did. Someone decided to start sending us pornography (????!!!!) and Herman installed a security program on both our computers. On October 4th, they both crashed, and I lost some vital school files, which I thought Herman had backed up on disk, and he thought I had. For the next week, he worked feverishly to try to fix the computers, get them back, to no avail. Somewhere in the middle of all this, I had written myself a note to get tickets for the Raspberries Reunion Concert, and left it on my desk. To make matters worse, the computer problems locked me out of my e-mail on both machines. The only way my boss communicates with me is through e-mail. What a mess! (I have received a lot of e-mail from fellow EC fans, and I STILL can't get into them. Herman still has to fix that problem. When he does, I'll respond to everyone's e-mails.) Several harrowing hard-drive dumpings later, the computer worked but I realized it was Sunday. I rushed onto EC.com and read "Concert sold out." I felt completely moronic, and after reading everyone's excited postings, I was so sad, that I just didn't have the heart to log on to EC.com. I didn't see any tickets on Ebay, and just felt morose. I should have logged on to see if anyone had tickets, but I just didn't think anyone would have extras, and didn't have the heart to try. (That's unusual for Lemonade Girl).

smile --Darlene

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Darlene, you WERE missed! Lots of us were emailing each other asking "have you heard from her". I almost drove over to your neighborhood to see if I could spot you raking your leaves or going to the supermarket. But I thought you might think I was a perv. (and from what you just wrote, you've had enough of that!) Anyway, we're glad you're joining us. it's gonna be fun!


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I know what you mean when you say computers can riun your life! We come to depend on them so much - we're at a losa without them (which reminds me, I should back up my student's marks too - I don't have an extra copy either!).

I know what you mean about being too sad to read EC.com - I feel the same way some days! How wonderful that you get to go! It wouldn't be the same without lemonade girl there! The rest of us are going to live vicariously through all of you, so you better live it up for about 10 people each!

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