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Please post when your book arrives. I'd like to know how accurate the Post Office is on that 3-day Priority Mail promise.


PS: Keep in mind that every book didn't go out on that first day of mailings, but some are sure to start arriving tomorrow. They continue to be mailed out at a rate of about 50-60 books per day. Thanks to all of you, MANY books were pre-sold. So many, in fact, that I am no longer worrying about needing to tell the kids that they can't go to college because daddy wrote an Eric Carmen book!

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Bernie, You know that night you asked me for my mailing address?

On here,

I believe it was a Friday Or Saturay, Huh

Well, it had taken a exactly one week, from the time you mailed mine, I recieved mine on Friday morning.5 - 6 DAYS.

That is fantastic mail service you people have in New Jersey to Canada into Hamilton, Ontario

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