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Rush Limbaugh bumper music...


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If I wasn't in self-imposed retirement from this thread, I would jump in. But....anyway....my Cleveland tickets also came in (yesterday). As the FedEx driver handed me my package, I believe I heard the Maha Rushi in the background on the radio! Most peculiar.

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Reading this thread brought back a great memory. Back in the early 80's, my friend Alan and I were at Ripley's on South Street in Philly to see John Eddie and Mitch Ryder. Between sets, the lights go down and this local politician, Jimmy Tayoun, comes out to give a little campaign speech. I don't remember what he was running for (He was convicted of some kind of fraud and spent a few years behind bars). Anyway, at this point we were pretty drunk. So Jimmy starts talking, and my friend yells out at the top of his lungs, "F*** politics...let's ROCK!!!" Well the rest of crowd agreed and started yelling at Tayoun. He looked really nervous, said let's rock, and left the stage. Alan was a hero that night. BTW, he went with me to the NYC show last July.

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Tony, Could that possibly be the same Jesse Jackson who called New York City "Hymie Town?" eek I guess it takes a bigoted racist to know one. I was appalled by that comment. frown

JJ has a very short memory.

I might almost forgive him, though, if HE played a Raspberries song on a radio program. wink

smile --D

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