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Superberries -- Megaberries -- hybrid Raspberries -- 5 or 6 member band??

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Some of the newer members to this website might not be aware that I was lucky enough to interview Scott a few weeks prior to the reunion in 2004. The interview was posted on this website, but here are a couple of excerpts:

Marvin: I'm sure you've heard talk about an upcoming reunion of the band with Eric, Dave, Wally and Jim. Are you taking part or planning to attend?

SCOTT: Nah, it's their day. They're four local guys and they should enjoy their time. Mike (McBride) and I shouldn't go and muddy it up. I hope that when they all get together, it goes well. Sure we had problems years ago, but everyone's different now. I know that Eric is very different from what he used to be. He's really a wonderful family man and a great father. Dave, Wally, Jim... they've all got families and kids, and are in their 50's. There are a lot of old hurts that I figure are probably healed by now, so I would hope that people have let go of the old bad feelings.

Marvin: Other memories, good or bad?

SCOTT: I know that this has been re-hashed over and over, but Raspberries wasn't all Eric. There were others, but people tend to forget that because Eric was the focus and without a doubt, he certainly deserved to be the focus. My short stay in the band gave me some of the highest highs and the lowest lows I have ever experienced, all in a very short span of time. When you're young, and I was around 22, you're not ready for something like that. I remember one night we played some Christian college and we were so good, they wouldn't let us off the stage. Then on the next night we substituted for Iggy Pop and we got booed! Ha! But you know what? I had the opportunity to actually play in my favorite band. How many people can say that?


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Raspberries Fans:

I met up with Scott McCarl during a Family Vacation on August 12, 2005. We've been Great Friends since 1996! The RASPBERRIES REUNION was well into their SUMMER Tour. I mentioned to Scott: "The band had already played 8 Concerts". He was surprised and shocked! RASPBERRIES were going to play a ONE Concert Reunion Gig in Cleveland: November 2004. He wished the band the BEST!

There is another Raspberries Story to be told. If the moderators will listen! Scott was NOT the odd man out....believe me!


pauliemissippi wrote:

Re: Scott, as I recall the way things went down the initial reunion called for by the House of Blues was for the original 4. Once that got underway, Scott was kind of the odd man out. Eric is quoted here at the board as having discussed with Scott perhaps joining them for the LA show but Scott chose to bow out and keep the focus on the original 4.

I have always hoped Scott would be included in some way in the future. If and when new material is recorded perhaps it will be a good time to reunite him with the band?

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If and when new material is recorded


WHY??? From time to time, Eric has drawn from past songs to write new songs.

WHO has been sorting thru his treasure chest of lyrics lately?


(I'm still cracking up about Mike's working title for "All Through the Night" --- those guys are a riot!!)

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There is another Raspberries Story to be told. If the moderators will listen! Scott was NOT the odd man out....believe me!


We all LOVE Scott and his incredible contributions to STARTING OVER. If Eric, Wally and Jim toured without Dave and subbed in a session bass player, I'd be right next to you shouting, "What about Scott?!?" But with Dave (the bass player who played on the first three LPs and on the group's biggest hits) on the bill -- the reunion included all four original bandmembers! 'Nuff said.


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