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Superberries -- Megaberries -- hybrid Raspberries -- 5 or 6 member band??

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I think this came up a while ago. There was some discussion about Scott being included in the reunion, but they decided to keep it to the original four members. I was able to hit two shows and I certainly have no complaints. It would have been really cool to hear Scott rip thru "Play On" and/or "Cry" though. Maybe next time.

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I always thought that the songs Scott McCarl and Eric Carmen wrote together on the "Starting Over" album were amazing: "Play On," "I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine" and "Cry." If he can't be back in the band for whatever reason, perhaps Eric will consider writing some new songs with Scott for the band. I would love to see that happen.

Scott's solo CD, called "Play On" but not including that song, is a stunner, too, for those who haven't picked it up. It includes a wonderful tune by Billy Sullivan and Brent Warren (of The Action, a great Ohio band) called "I'll Be On My Way," Scott's single "In Love Without A Girl," a remake of Raspberries "Nobody Knows" (with Scott singing lead instead of Eric) and a cover of The Beatles' "Yes It Is" that will bring tears to your eyes --- not a bad track among the 17 songs on the CD (which is listed at online retailers like Amazon.Com).

I also love Scott's 1998 interview with a Badfinger website at http://www.justeseninc.com/mccarl.htm where he talks about Raspberries considering adding Badfinger's Pete Ham to the Raspberries lineup in 1975 --- according to the interview, Pete Ham committed suicide *before* they could talk about the idea and then both bands split up, but just the thought of songwriters like Pete Ham, Scott McCarl and Eric Carmen writing songs for one band is amazing to think about.

May Pete Ham rest in peace. He was a fantastic songwriter, singer and musician.

Don Krider smile


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I think it came down to them splitting the money four ways or five ways, when it came to deciding if they were going to add Scott to the re-union line-up. My guess is that he would have done it if asked from the beginning, though there are comments made by band members which are contrary to this belief....it's my opinion (of which I'm entitled) smile

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Scott is great.

I wouldn't read to much into whether Scott could have been, should have been in the reunion. I believe Eric and Scott even spoke on the matter before and Scott himself sat himself out, no hard feelings.

There is no perfect answer, and sometimes it just doesn't work out too put all combinations together at once.

No right or wrong, but it's pretty cool in any band from that era to put the founding members together today.

Also, at the first reunion show, Eric didn't just sing Play On, he dedicated it to Scott.

I think everyone's cool with how things worked out.

BTW, Scott's Play On CD is outstanding, he also dedicates a song to Eric that he wrote years ago, "Thanks For The Ride".

Kindered souls whose paths briefly crossed.

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I can hardly contain myself. I love surprises.

Re: Scott, as I recall the way things went down the initial reunion called for by the House of Blues was for the original 4. Once that got underway, Scott was kind of the odd man out. Eric is quoted here at the board as having discussed with Scott perhaps joining them for the LA show but Scott chose to bow out and keep the focus on the original 4.

I have always hoped Scott would be included in some way in the future. If and when new material is recorded perhaps it will be a good time to reunite him with the band?

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