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Pre-show party at HOB


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Great guys, be happy and have a great time, that's what I like to hear.

Yes, Ted did do a good job in getting this started, thanks to TED.

I sure hope everyone can make it, if their's a tapeing to be made of the concert, you'll be EXTRAS.

And be in the movie.



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For those who thought the price was a little high, just do the math on the $50.00 price.

2 Premimum drinks $10.00

dinner $30.00

tax and tip $10.00



What's it worth to be in the door early and to mingle in a semi-private setting with fellow board members.....priceless!!!

Thanks for putting this together!!! smile

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I understand that it is worth it to some people but it isn't for me. I don't drink, seating is limited and I don't like what their serving. There is also a service charge on top of the $50 so it will actually be $55 or $60. So I would basically be paying around $60 to stand around and meet everyone. I prefer to sit at a table, order what I want and pay a grand total of $20. I expect that I'll get into the music hall around the same time as those in the reception and then I'll have an hour before the show to visit with other fans. So if it's worth it to you, great. But it isn't for everyone.

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The Hob is still ramping up for opening day and the Razz is not the only booked band. The pre-reunion reception/ticket piece is in the hands of one or two who are probably busier than they have ever been in their lives just trying to get this whole new HoB venture off the ground.

I would give it another week - I know, the wait is agonizing but I believe it will straighten out soon.


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Hi all - I just spoke to Laura Miller from the HOB - she couldn't have been nicer! She called because she couldn't read my faxed application (too light) so I resent it.

She said she had about 50 reservations so far and was processing them as we speak. plenty of room - they were thinking of capping it at 200.

She would be very happy to give us a small table to have the Boarders check in for name tags - what do you all think????

Sit tight! She'll get to you. laugh


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