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Raspberrie Photos!!!!!!!!


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Excellent photos!!!!! I was rather perturbed that, 10 minutes prior to concert, security told me cameras WERE allowed in the hall aftet all. I bolted the line, ran to my car, only to find I left the camera at home. Hopefully others got the news earlier than I and were able to retrieve cameras from the coat check (where most people sounded like they were going to store them.) But Gene's "behind the stage" look added a new perspective.

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After all the security woes... I heard that same message filtering through security. "Camera's ARE allowed". Oh, well.

I didn't use flash. It was brighter than the Rosavelt concert two nights earlier, primarily because of spot lights. Which, to some extent, made it tougher. Eric had a white shirt on, and in contrast to Jim in the background or the audience out front, was a lot brighter. A number of the shots just don't look good. The meter would adjust for the darker area and blow Eric out in the picture.

I used daylight film and the daylight setting on the two digital cameras. I used ISO 1600 on digital and ISO 400 Fuji color slide film.

Speeds went from a 30th at 2.8 for a shot with no spot light and deep colors, to 125th. For the film camera... I used it on brighter scenes and shot a 30th at 2.8 to about 5.6. I have no idea how they look yet!

I just had to leave metering to the camera. Sometimes I would try to focuse and meter on the face and then move the camera for beter composition, but use focus and exposure lock to keep the settings.

I used autofocus which may not have been the best idea. In situations like the drum kit shot with Jim, the camera would find too many things to focus on other than Jim's face.

I used a 17-35 zoom, a 35-80, a 80-200, and a 300mm lens. With my digital cameras, the 300 became a 450 and the zooms also increased.

A number of the shots are blurred, that's due, on some accounts, to me not being steady enough (even though I used a monopod most of the time) and due to movement of the band members.

It was very much like a sports situation. You shoot what you can and have a lot you never show anybody, but the keepers are grand!

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Great photos of a superb show!!!

One question, anyone know who was playing percusion off stage to the right of Wally? You can see this young guy in the very first photo.I kept just seeing his hands from the back of the general admission area. When I went up into the balcony, I could see him plain as day.

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Gene, great shots. I can't believe you got these downloaded and online so fast. It was great meeting you yesterday (I'm Razzy's husband who met you in the elevator). Thanks for the tip to go hear the sound check in the afternoon. It was great to hear the guys even if we couldn't see them - A great teez for what was to come that night.

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