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Denver tickets?


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since things have been so busy, I may have missed this...but is there any word when tickets will go on sale for the Denver show? a friend of mine from AK wants to meet up there so we can celebrate our b'days in style. now it's time to check on plane fares, too, but have a feeling they are pretty costly that weekend! smile


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I have been in touch with the venue and I would assume that tickets will be going on sale around mid April. I know they plan on opening gates around 2:00 in the afternoon. Other than that I do not have any other information at this time. Once I get more I will let everyone know. Lastly, you can keep checking at the HOB site . . go to venues MOUNTAIN .. Coors and you should see the concert post.

See ya in Denver . . pray for sunshine

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Which brings me to another thought...how many of us are planning to be at the Denver show ?? There are lots of fun places in Greenwood Village (near the venue) that we could get together before the show...or after! Email me or pop me a PM ! spinspin


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Since there will be at least four other acts, any word yet on how long of a set they will play?

Also, which act is the headliner and what position in the line-up will the Berries hold?

I think playing festivals of this type will be good for the band because it will get them in front of larger audiences, which will ultimately help keep the momentum going!

A word of advice for anyone planning a trip to Denver to just see the Berries....go to New York instead...generally with a show such as this, unless they are the headliner, they will probably get a half hour max. In New York, you should get a full 2 hour+ show.

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